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QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags

This is a sticky post and will remain here until the end of the giveaway. Scroll down for new entries!

Moon takes a twice-daily walk, once in the morning and once in the evening. We tried to train her to do her business indoors but that hasn’t been very successful. This means that one of the essential items we take along with us on those walks are dog litter bags.

We have been using the generic ones from Pet Lovers Centre and although they do what they’re meant to do, I have always found them of poor quality (they rip very easily) and are a tad too small for large “situations”. Also, these bags are not degradable so there is always a tinge of guilt at the amount of plastic I consume on a daily basis. Then I discovered QuickGrab fragranced dog litter disposal bags. IMG_5271 Here’s What I love about them bags:

  1. These bags have handles. The ones that we have been using do not and although it seems like a small difference, try picking up dog poo when you have an excited dog trying to charge at the neighbourhood cat and a curious toddler who is walking away from you to look at “bo” (boats). They look just like a small plastic bag and you use it like a glove before tying it up quickly and disposing of it.IMG_5276
  2. They are scented! I am very particular about smells and bad smells make me angry (really). These QuickGrab bags come with a faint lemon scent and unless you stick your head into one to take a whiff, the smell is barely noticeable.
  3. These bags are degradable, i.e. environmentally friendly. This is important to me because I do try and do my little part in trying to save our fragile world by cutting down on plastic bag use. Using these bags to pick up after Moon means that we are using two plastic bags less (on average) per day.
  4. Best of all, these bags are dual purpose in our household. It functions as Moon’s poo bag and we use it to dispose of Elliott’s (very smelly) poopy diapers too. I used to simply chuck them into our household bin (too smelly for the nappy bin even though it has a lid!) but they stink up the entire bin. Why do small babies have such smelly output?! With these bags, them poopy diapers are safety secured which means that we no longer need to suffer the nasty wafts whenever we open the nappy bin to dispose of (yet more) diapers.


Yep. That’s a poopy diaper right there.

If you have a household that has a human baby and a furry one just like us, go check out these bags. Rather economical in the long run 🙂 You can get these bags at Kohe Pets and they are retailing for $5.80 for a pack of 100 pieces.

Wait. There’s more. WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY!

The good people at QuickGrab has kindly offered 3 of these Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags for 3 blog readers. All you need to do is to leave a short comment (no need to write essay) on this entry to tell me a little about your household (do you have a furry baby too? A human baby along the way? Tell me! Tell me!) and at the end of the giveaway period, I’d pick 3 winners and QuickGrab will send you a “QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags” (100 pieces) via mail!

Giveaway ends 16 August 2015 at noon so be quick 🙂

miss ene was given one pack of dog litter disposal bags from QuickGrab for the purpose of this review. All opinions reflected are my own.

3 thoughts on “QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags

  1. I have a furry little boy (2.5 yr old), another real little boy on the way (8.5 mths! 3 weeks to go!) ! I’ve had numerous incidences where I was picking up poop with my bare hands (yikes!!!!) when I thought my hand was well encased by (poor quality and holey) poop bags! Would love to give these a try!

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