Our furry supermodel

I booked a photoshoot for Moon with Furry Photos a while back. To be specific, ‘a while back’ was back in 2014. Hur hur. I wanted to wait till Elliott is walking before we do the shoot so that we can hopefully get some nice shots of them both. Finally, at 15 months old, E decided to walk.

Also, the passing of 2 dogs belonging to dear friends of ours prodded me into action. The whole point of the photoshoot is to capture Moon while she’s still able to run at top speed and leap for her treats. There will come a time when old age will take over and she may no longer be able to do all that. I thought that professionally-taken photos will be a lovely keepsake.

Nick from Furry Photos has been doing pet photography for many years and I got to know him as he was a frequent sponsor at our Therapy Dogs Singapore annual parties. I also love that Furry Photos are involved in many ‘giving back to the community‘ projects.

Before the actual shoot, Nick came over to our home (in May) to suss out the place, as well as to get to know the subject, i.e. Moon, better. We also discussed the shoot locations (Bay East Gardens, and at home) before we decided on a date and time. It was either early morning or evening and I decided that it would be best that we do it in the early evening when E is done with his afternoon nap. Happy baby = everyone happy.

We decided to do the shoot in June. Nick came round with his life and work partner, Daphne. She was excellent with Elliott and was good at distracting/playing with him.

I was watching Nick as he snapped pictures of Moon. The ones of her running looked really challenging because he had to run alongside too, to capture the shot. I was just glad I wasn’t the one doing the running. Hur hur.

After the shoot, Nick contacted us again in July to view the photos at our home. As we watched the selection of photos with an instrumental version of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” as a soundtrack, to my surprise (and embarrassment), I found myself tearing up. To use a hipster term, it totally brought on the feels. I guess looking at the pictures reminded me again that Moon is growing older day by day and those photos will be precious memories one day.

Here’s a selection of the beautiful photos:


150609_Moon_013_web-001 150609_Moon_019_web-001 150609_Moon_025_web-001


150609_Moon_043_web-001 150609_Moon_044_web-001 150609_Moon_053_web-001 150609_Moon_065_web-001

150609_Moon_076_web-001 150609_Moon_094_web-001


And my favouritest of them all?


*heart melt*


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