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Moon turns 8!

Moon was born on an easy-to-remember date – 7.7.07. Earlier this month, our furry family member turned 8 years old and we celebrated it for her in a small way. According to this chart, she is…gasp…51 years old in human years.


Last year, she had 2 celebrations, complete with party hat but this year, it was a simple affair. The entire family headed to an open-field a stone’s throw away from our home and let her run amok. Oh and of course, the birthday girl got to eat (lots of) cake.


This lovely (mutton) cake is from The Barkery Singapore and I requested for a mini version of Moon on it. Check out the details, right down to the brown stains on her beard. Amazing!


moonWe adopted Moon when she was 3-ish so she’s been part of our family for about 5 years. She was our furry baby pre-Elliott and now, she’s a wonderful companion to the little man. Unfortunately, we pay a lot less attention to her these days but she is still the same patient and sweet Moon.


The boy is the one who faithfully takes her for her morning and evening walks daily. They now share a very close bond and it is evident who is the Pack Leader of the house (according to Moon).


She sits close to him whenever he is home, and would hover outside the door if he’s inside the bedroom. When we are out cycling, she would pace his bicycle and would stick close to him. To think that he was a little hesitant about adopting her!

I am acutely aware that turning 8 is a bit of a milestone as she is now officially a “senior” dog. Many have remarked that she doesn’t look her age (must be all that SKII she’s been using) but the fact is, being a senior dog usually means a host of conditions, i.e. the wearing down of joints, poor eyesight, etc. We are bracing ourselves for her silver years but in the meantime, this feisty old girl is still full of unbridled energy.


Happy birthday, our dear sweet Moon. May you remain happy and healthy for many many years to come!


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