note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 16

Dear Elliott,

Your 16th month of existence has been fraught with a couple of incidents. I knew that having a boy would mean that my heart would have to take a couple of shocks whenever you fall and in your 16th month, I had a taste of what was to come.


Now that you are walking more steadily, you prefer walking to crawling which is great but this also means that the chance of you falling over is much higher too. The other day, at Ah Ma’s house, you were toddling towards me as I sat on the sofa when one of my worst fears happened:

You tripped over yourself and fell. On your face.

My poor baby. You cried long and hard. I held onto you and kept saying that you’re going to be ok. I was concerned that you hurt your nose but it looked fine. As it turned out, your front left tooth got chipped. Just a teeny tiny bit but it was enough to make my heart ache. Thankfully, you calmed down after lots of big fat tears and went about your merry ways again. Thanks for my circle of mama friends, they all said not to worry and to just monitor your chipped tooth. It does not seem to bother you so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

These days, you enjoy exploring with a spoon when eating. Sometimes, you choose to use your fingers instead because it’s much easier (and faster). You enjoy roast chicken, fish porridge, rice with soup, baked potato, bread and you  also took a liking to…roti prata! We try and keep you in your high chair whenever we have our dinner but more often than not, you attempt to climb out of it while screeching to me let out. Pffft.


You are also showing signs of separation anxiety. I cannot walk from the bed to the bathroom (i.e. 4 steps away) without you screaming like your mother is about to abandon you. You cry, with big fat tears, and will only stop when I am physically beside you again. It is all very sweet but it gets a little hard when you refuse to let go of me the moment I step into the house at end of a workday and I am not even allowed to wash my hands or change out of my work clothes. As with all things baby-related, I am sure this too shall pass.

We have also observed that you show a strong preference to your left hand. You use your left hand to hold the spoon during meal times, and use your left hand to push your toy trucks along the sofa. Daddy is a left hander as well so I am not entirely surprised that you take after him. So there lies my dilemma: To let you develop your left hand naturally, or to convert you to a right hander.


Speaking of toy trucks, you do love your vehicles! You absolutely love your Lego Duplo Number Train and can spend a considerable amount of time just pushing it around the living room, under the dining table, across the TV console….

On the speaking front, your new favourite word is “car“. Everything is “car“. You point your finger at the cars that go by whenever we are out and exclaim loudly “CAR!“. You also try and say “truck” which come across sounding like “tuck“. You can also recognise ‘cow‘ but would say “moooo“. You also attempt the word “fish” and “bus” but all we hear are “ssssss“. Hehe. This baby speak is so very cute.


Unfortunately, your 16th month was also a time when you fell quite sick. You had a constantly high fever for a couple of days which made us exhausted. You are usually such a happy child but when you were ill, it broke our hearts to see you looking sad and listless. At one point, your fever hit a high of 39.5 degrees and we were worried sick. We saw two doctors and you only started to be on the mend after you were put on antibiotics.

You are also a loving child and would kiss us on our cheeks whenever we ask. “Kiss mummy please?“, I’d say, and when you are in the mood, you’d lean forward and plant a big fat kiss on my cheek with a “muack“. It melts my heart so and I do hope that you will continue to kiss your mummy even when you are 18 years old, ok?


Another key thing to note for this month: Mummy registered you for play group. ARGH!! Time flies indeed and the day will come when I will be dropping you at school where you will be making new friends and picking up new skills. I picked out this picture of you for the registration form. It taken at your first birthday party where you were smartly dressed in a shirt, bowtie and suspenders. Hehe.


You love to explore corners and touch everything within sight. If we let you loose at a shop, you get your little hands on everything. Switches are your best friends and you enjoy flicking them on and off (URGH!!!). You still enjoy bathtime and we try and incorporate teeth-brushing into the routine but you don’t seem to enjoy it very much.

This is one of my favourite photos of you. It was taken on our way home from Ah Ma’s house where you spend a good part of the week. This particular drive was memorable because I was making funny faces and it made you giggle uncontrollably.


Happy 16 months, my happy child! May you continue to find joy in every little thing and never, ever lose that twinkle in your eyes.

With love,
Mummy xoxo


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