Saturday Club: Part 2

Apparently, the case is not closed. To maintain transparency, here are the 2 emails that were sent to me. The first, by Agent 2, was sent on the same day, 29 Jun:


I don’t get it. How difficult is it to send an envelope? Will it cost your company a huge amount of money to mail out that one envelope? And I still don’t get it – I sent you a picture of the faulty zip. Why do you need it back for ‘identification purpose’? To make sure that the dress is really from Saturday Club? Very odd.

The next day, I saw an unfamiliar missed call number on my phone. I do not return unfamiliar numbers. Then I saw this email:


Quote: We strive to achieve satisfaction for every customer.

Sorry, but this is too hilarious. Whatever happened to “striving for satisfaction” the first few times I wrote to you? And wait. I also remember clearly writing my last email to them that I do not care for the dress anymore, nor any refund. I don’t get the bit about ‘we understand your worries of the similar zip issues’ (URGH – the English!!). Sorry mate, but I no longer have any ‘worries’ because I have thrown away the dress and closed the case on this matter.

And that bit about how ‘I will personally ensure…’. WHO ARE YOU? The email is signed off as ‘The SaturdayClub Team’. And it’s from ‘Admin2’. Is ‘Admin2’ different from ‘Agent1/2/3/4/5’? And please, just stop it with the smiley faces. It is unprofessional and reeks of immaturity. Smiley faces are acceptable when you are chatting to your friends on Whatsapp, not in a professional business setting.

So now, Saturday Club wants to send BY COURIER (wow) to ‘pick up the defective dress’ (They REALLY want the dress back, as you can see) and deliver the new piece at ‘my preferred timing‘.

Maybe they did not manage to read my email dated 29 Jun. Let me state it again here:

Let us save each other’s time and effort. I will be discarding the dress and you can keep your credit. I wish you all the best in your business.

I honestly am not sure which part of ‘I will be discarding the dress’ they did not comprehend.

So yeah. I have not replied to both their emails and do not intend to. They can keep their perfect new dress for another unsuspecting customer.

As the saying goes: Too little, too late.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Club: Part 2

  1. Oh dear. I didn’t mean to laugh, but halfway I did, at the online store. Which part of ‘discarded’ or ‘discarding’ do they not understand? They’re not even just noobs. Bumbling fools, really, all these Admin1/Admin2/Agent1 or whatever. I can’t believe their English, which renders them more or less incomprehensible. Ugh! I hope you don’t get any more silly offers after this!

    1. Oops I forgot to reply! Thanks for leaving a note. Yes, bumbling fools might be more apt. It’s ludicrous! I felt like I was trying to speak English to a bunch of people (robots?) who didn’t comprehend the language.

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