Review: Saturday Club

Warning: Long ranting entry ahead.

I recently had an appalling experience with an online clothing retailer and it riled me up enough to blog about it so here goes.

Note: What you see in this entry are screen-shot from actual email exchanges. The only thing that I edited was my real name and in its place, “miss ene” is used.

28 May 2015

I purchased 3 items of clothing from Saturday Club, an online clothing shop. I just tried to look for the “About Us” button on their website but couldn’t find it. According to their Facebook page, they were founded in December 2012 and this is what they say about themselves:

“SaturdayClub started with the intention of dressing young people who are engaged with their culture.To meet their needs, SaturdayClub takes the latest global trends, mixing them with street influences and reworks them into comfortable and easy to wear garments.

We are a vertically-intergrated company comprise of ; A fashion-forward design workshop, A industry-standard manufacturing factory and deliver 365 days a year.”

It has been actively promoting itself on Facebook so you may have seen the ads as well. I am now confused if they are SaturdayClub (as seen on their Facebook page) or Saturday Club (with a space in-between, as seen on their website).


I cannot remember when I received the items but upon receipt, all the items fit nicely and I was very pleased with my purchases. I did not wear them immediately but only did so in the middle of June.

This is where the drama started.

22 June 2015

I wore the Kate Dress to work on a Monday when my colleague informed me that the back zip has broken apart. Sheesh. I was glad that I had a cardigan with me so I did not have to rush home to change out of the dress.

Immediately, I went to their website to fill in their “Contact Us” page.


23 June 2015

The next day, I received an email reply to send in a photo of the ‘defective part’.


On the same day, I replied with the picture as per their request.



And then it all goes quiet. I twiddle my thumbs and wait….Because you know, I completely understand that sales are amazing and they may not have time to handle post-purchase feedback like mine.

I give them 2 days to send a quick “Noted with thanks” but nada. I decide to send them another email because maybe, my email got lost in cyberspace. Or they just don’t give a shit.

25 June 2015


26 June 2015

I decide to speed things up a little by posting on their Facebook page:


A couple of hours later, I receive this reply to my Facebook posting – this is completely unedited:

Please accept our sincere apologise for the lack of response. As we usually need to check with our QC team for defect to provide a better advice, thats why it might take 2-3 days for the reply. We will check the status & get back to you by tomorrow morning. Please check email for the upda

Once again, we apologise for keep you waiting.

For the record, I just checked back on their Facebook page and voila! My post has been conveniently deleted! Apparently, only positive, happy shiny messages remain on the page. Massive PR FAIL, people.

27 June 2015

Oh joy! I finally hear back from Agent 3. Notice how from start till now, I have no idea who I am corresponding with?


A side note to all who is in the customer service industry: Your customer would like to know who they are communicating with. Signing off with “The XX Team” is not going to cut it. There is no accountability and reeks of passing-the-buck where no one takes ownership, especially when something goes wrong.

So yes, back to Agent3’s reply. So apparently, I was supposed to know that they were ‘checking with their QC team’. Why did they not tell me this in my first email enquiry? I am not unreasonable. I completely understand that investigations take time and I can wait. But to tell me FOUR days after that they are ‘checking’, and after numerous emails from me? I think that is not quite acceptable.

And I reply:


2 hours later, I hear back:


Ah. So now, I have to send back the dress and will receive a credit code after they “receive and check my item”. Wow, just wow.

miss ene writes back, again. I am starting to amaze myself with my patience over a $49 dress.


Agent 5 reply (secret agents at work, yo), and to their credit, apologise again:


Another note to readers in customer service line: Please, for the love of all good things, spell properly and get your grammar checked.

The weekend comes and I understand everyone needs a rest so I sit back, twiddle my thumbs and wait.

On Monday morning, I receive this long reply. Read it. It will make you laugh, I  PROMISE.

29 June 2015sc8asc8b

As you can clearly see, the amount of correspondence of a FORTY-NINE DOLLAR dress is getting a tad ridiculous. I decided, once and for all, to end the saga. NEVER MIND THE DRESS. REALLY.


You’d think that it would end there, right?

No. It gets better.

A couple of hours later, I receive another email:


My favourite line of them all: “Please return the defective item, and we will proceed sending you an envelope to return“.

Say what?!

For the record, I did not respond because honestly, I have no more words left.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this long entry. Please feel free to alert your friends who may be so inclined to shop at Saturday Club because it is obvious that this is a company that doesn’t give a s*** about after-sales service. As a friend wisely puts it, they probably have far too many customers/sales to give 2 hoots about losing one.

Someone might wanna give them a little nudge to remind them that there are about, oh, I don’t know, 25, 550 other online retailers out there on the world wide web whom, amongst them, do give a s*** about their customers.


50 thoughts on “Review: Saturday Club

  1. Sorry to hear about dress drama but it was quite funny (albeit cringing wth the grammar and typos – surely there’s auto-correct?) reading about the response which came in on Monday. Terrible after-sales service though.

    I had an issue with a dress from Zalora months back, highlighting a manufacturing defect on the front panel with a photo and you are right, they didn’t need it back (why would they!), and promptly credited me back in cash value (not store credits).

    Thanks for sharing about your experience, I’ve been to their site quite a fair bit having seen their ads on Facebook. Would have expected service to be as shiny as their website.

    1. Yeah it is funny in hindsight but the amount of energy required to deal with the faulty zip was plain ridiculous! I’ve shopped at Zalora before and so far they’ve been pretty good. I know that SC has been promoting themselves heavily on FB, hence this entry!

  2. Hi,

    I thought I was unlucky, turns out this crap is all over online retailers. All these young people are only interested in the low cost-high profit margin business, they don’t care about anything else.

    I’ve had a similar experience with Club Couture, only when I sent them a nasty (after countless kind reminders back and for, back and forth) email then they decided to do something about it.

    Before that the replies I got were ONE LINERS! Not even polite words.

    I give up on them, I buy from taobao now. You don’t get run of the mill designs used by 1324483 other online shops, better quality and way cheaper.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s young people running the site but it sure sounds like it! Like you said, there are tons of online retailers out there. They may survive and make lots of money now but I don’t see any sustainability in their business model if this is the way their business is run.

  3. I am disgusted with customer service like this. Although their clothes may be nice, I would definitely not purchase and will share this to my friends (if you don’t mind). I was eyeing some of their stuff, but not anymore after reading this. To them, I think they need to invest more in customer service and treat it seriously as it is damaging to a business especially online. There is no way of treating your customer like this. Period.

    1. I saw that you’ve shared my entry – please do! I just wish more people will realize that such terrible after sales service should not be condoned. There’s a part 2 to it – they’ve been trying to get in touch with me because they (miraculously) found another dress in my size and want to send it to me by courier but only if I can give them back the one with the faulty zip. Seriously now.

  4. What an unfortunate episode! Sorry that you had to go through that and the English is so atrocious that I was cringing too! But thank you for this kind warning. Had visited their website before and had thought about purchasing from them. Now, no!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate all comments as it makes me feel that I am not talking to myself – ha. Yeah, they have a huge presence on social media (their ads pop up ALL THE TIME). I am not a big-time blogger with X million of hits per day but if one more person knows about the kind of after-sales “service” you will get from SC, that’s good enough. There are MANY online retailers out there who will be happy to take your money.

  5. I have to hand it to you for being so patient!! Thanks for the heads up. But what online shop is this? Totally forgotten their name! Hah!

  6. Hi Ms Ene,
    Thanks for sharing! I’m experiencing a similar issue right now with Saturdayclub. I’ve promptly sent back an unused, tagged in its original packaging within 3 days of receipt of the dress because it was a size too big.

    According to their return policy, there should be no issues with this at all. I mailed back the dress on registered mail (no less!) However, i experienced similar service..
    1) I immediately wrote to the CSO to explain that i was returning the dress and wanted it in one size smaller
    2) They confirmed availability of the smaller size 2-3 days later and said to look out for the dress in my mailbox
    3) I waited for 14 days and there was nothing in my mailbox
    4) Reverted to CS team and they apologized for the delay, saying they will check
    5) 2-3 days later they asked me to look out for the dress in my mailbox
    6) But 2-3 days later, there was still no dress, and i had to chase them again
    7) They said the dress was sent that morning, and i had to wait
    8) Let’s see if i will receive the dress.. 😦

    The whole experience was so bad, that i urge consumers to be careful when they purchase from this e-retailer.

    1. I realised that I must have missed replying to your comment – thanks for sharing your experience too. I hope you actually received a dress in the correct size…?

  7. Hi Pei Lin, have you received your dress yet? I read Ms Ene’s bad experience and yours as well and I’m a bit hesitant to order from them in case I need to return anything and I get the same treatment.
    I really like their dresses though.

    1. Hi Mei Ching, I do like their clothes too but their attitude towards faulty clothes is unacceptable. To me, no amount of “nice clothes” you have will make me buy from you ever again. There are many retailers out there.

  8. Hi there, So sorry to hear the frustration. I would be very mad too. Don’t waste time on them, send to seamstress for repair is better! it is a beautiful dress afterall.

    Chanced upon this review as I was attracted and considering SC, now… probably no more. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  9. Hey there, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it. I, too, was wondering about their origins. I do like their dress designs. But their atrocious English (even on site) made me hesitate. Next, I did a quick search for reviews and chanced upon your entry. Looks like they just lost another potential customer 😉 thanks again for your post.

    1. I am glad you found the post useful. I have nothing against them and really did want to support their business but it is disappointing the way they manage their business.

  10. Wow, what a (terrible) experience! Thanks for the review though, was still considering to purchase something and try.
    May I know what is the label on the clothing you purchased? Was it Saturday Club label?

  11. I know right. I bought a $49 dress where the cutting was too big for my arms even though the rest fit and they dont allow changing to another item of the same price range.we can only change it to the SAME ITEM ok which don’t fit me!
    so I had to pay $4.50 to mail to back to them and wait 3 working days for them to receive the items and another 10 working days for the voucher to credit to my account only to buy another dress with the same price.

    1. Hi R, thanks for sharing your experience. Reading your experience made me frustrated too! I am really curious how they are surviving in this cut-throat online clothing business world with such poor customer service.

  12. Hi, can I check if you have the address of Saturday Club since you mailed the dress back to them? They sent me the wrong size and got a courier to collect the dress. However, till today, I have not receive any reply on when the correct size will be mailed to me. This is really so frustrating and I am contemplating if I should go straight down to their office to get the correct size.

  13. I had the same experience too. Got a dress that was a size too big. Was so happy that I could do an exchange as not a lot of blogshop allows exchange that’s why I don’t mind paying more. Requested for an exchange on the same day the dress was delivered. It took me 2 weeks to get it exchanged and that was after emailing them several times and leaving msges on their Facebook. Their fb doesn’t have any negative replies I thought it was me! &Their reply felt like they didn’t wanna honor their exchange/return policy. I was persistent & I got my exchange but I will not shop with them again.

    1. Hi Sher. Thanks for leaving a comment. Shocking, isn’t it? They are obviously deleting all the negative comments which gives the fake impression that they are a reputable company. I just hope that buyers do a quick Google and find my entry (with these comments) before buying from them. Glad that it all worked out for you in the end!

  14. I have the same issue with their customer service too. It has been 17 days after returning my dress (personally drop it in their office) & I’m still waiting for the credit code!! Email them the reply is always the same – ‘we’ll check & get back to you.’

    1. Sigh. It sure sounds like nothing much has changed since my entry on them. I really do hope consumers will spend their money at other retail stores that care more about their customers. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I’ve had a bad experience with them last year too, they sent me a defective piece, took ages to process my return such that I totally overlooked the “store credits” refund. When I realised, it was expired and I asked them to provide me with a new one, and there was NO response.

    Needless to say, that was my last purchase from them – the final straw because my previous purchase before that made me doubt their quality and cutting. Paid about $50 for a dress that was so flimsy, wanted to sell it on Carousell but realised there were already so many on sale. Wore it a few times and the threading came loose…

    I’ve been eyeing one of the designs lately but decided to do a quick search on reviews. Reading your post made me decide on not buying from them!

    1. Thanks for leaving a note, Denise. It’s amazing how they run their business. I really do hope that potential buyers come across this entry and the many negative comments to take their money elsewhere.

  16. Just want to add on that their measurements shown at the site are highly inaccurate! If you observed, most of the measurements for the items are the same and do not ever believe the size that the model is wearing is true. No effort spent by the seller to indicate the true measurements of each unique item. For a $56 dress I had to return twice (imagine the amount of registered postage I have paid). The skinny model ” is wearing S” which turn out to be like a L size, i had to wear XXS for the dress but end up it ran out of size. I wanted to exchange for a cheaper dress and a top (plus top up sighhhhh) . When I emailed them to advise on more accurate measurements of these items they continue to suggest me to buy S luckily i didnt heed their advice phewwww Never going to buy from them again!!! It’s facebook page it is clear that comments were deleted!! For e.g. you click a pic with 8 comments but when you check out the comments you will realise it’s left with one or two that are only positive comments.

  17. Hi, thanks for sharing about your experience. I used to buy lots of clothes from Saturday Club till one day while wearing. Romper to the mall, the zipper came off while I was in the toilet attempting to zip up. It was horrifying! I was stunned for a while as i was alone and did not know what to do. Can’t possibly walk out of the toilet with the spoilt zipper that goes all the way down (it was a romper for goodness sake). Luckily I calmed down and remembered I had a cardigan (I usually don’t carry one but I was sooo lucky that I did!). The cardy was fortunately long enough to cover up. I didn’t write back to Sat club as I thought it was pointless to do so, they might say I spoilt the zipper myself. I can’t believe the lousy quality really. Was quite upset as I only wore it twice.

    1. Hi Jae, your experience sounds horrifying. Somehow, their zips seem to have lots of issues. I actually went to change the zip on my own on a dress that I like. Still wearable now!

  18. Just need to keep this review thread going.
    I bought quite a few pieces at Saturday Club and spent over $500 bucks cumulatively. Btw their clothes getting more and more expensive and you can hardly get a dress below $56-ish, most of them are in the $63/66 range.
    Anyway, I got a green-coloured dress just less than a month ago. The button on the sleeve dropped. I went to Spotlight and a tailorshop nearby and couldn’t get a button that is of similar size. So I wrote to them asking where I can get a similar button. Note, I DID NOT ask for them to give me for free (though I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask). I was asking them WHERE I could buy. All they could say about it was “Sorry we don’t have spare buttons”. That’s it.
    They don’t have spare, fine. I understand. They could have given some sort of advice or try to help me instead of telling me to EFF-OFF with a one-statement reply and implying that MY PROBLEM IS MY PROBLEM. Hey, I wore the dress for only 2 times within 1 month. Its a quality issue on their part!
    Saturday Club, if you are reading this, let me teach you some basic PR and customer service skills. For example, you could have told me something like… “the button is x-cm in diameter and you can get them at XXX shop” or offered me an alternative like “the green dress would go well with gold colour too, and you can purchase it from us at $x”…. Handle my problem well and I would be singing praises for you in front of my friends instead of airing your shit for the world to see.
    Loads of online stores these days are way more keen on our business rather than Saturday Club.

    Thanks miss ene for the space on your blog. I hope more people read it and stop supporting retailers who just want to sell but not to serve.

    1. Hi Mojito, thanks for sharing your experience. My entry on SC was written quite a while and every few weeks, I’d still get angry customers like yourself leaving a comment to share their experience. It’s amazing that nothing/little has been done! Did you try posting this on their FB page? Then again, last I remembered, they delete all the negative comments. I feel like I need to compile all the (negative) comments left on my entry and share them on FB…!

  19. HI miss ene,

    Guess i’m not so lucky! I checked out too fast before reading your post and horrible shopping shopping experience with SC! I just checkout 3 items (total S$179) from SC and after reading your post, i tried to log into my account to cancel my order (since it is only less than 1 hr since i placed my order, my order confirmed, and payment received). But there is no cancel button! Shit! Really regretted not researching well enough and seen your blog too late. Now i’m so scared lor. Sob sob…

    1. Hi! Don’t worry, I am sure not EVERY customer experiences bad products from them. Hopefully, your purchases won’t be too bad? Just bring along extra cardigan, etc, in case the zip/buttons pop 😉

  20. Wow it is 2017 now and your blog came up when I searched for a review of Saturday Club. Their website is very well done – which now I have realised that while most sites are so neat and professionally created, it doesn’t necessarily equate to quality goods. I was so tempted to shop from them but definitely will not after reading your experience. Thank you for sharing!

    You’ve saved so many people from falling into the same trap. It’s a terrible feeling when buying faulty goods (or aka. trash), it’s like a slap in the face. My worst experience was when I was pregnant and bought lots of maternity clothes from a malaysian online retailer (again, absolutely professional website) which stated that it’s owned by a young mum who understands the needs of pregnant ladies. I thought I should support a ‘young mum business’ and besides, no one would be cruel enough to rip off pregnant ladies right? Oh boy was I naive. The clothes I received looked nothing like the photos and literally had holes in them made from the worst most flimsy fabric and I would be ashamed to even donate them. They went right into the trash bin and I have been terrified of trying new online retailers since.

    So again, thank you for your blog! Much appreciated!

    1. Hello! I haven’t shopped with them since and honestly, I don’t know if they’ve improved (or worsen) but after my horrible experience, I am not about to spend my hard-earned money on their goods again. There are many reputable retailers out there! Happy New Year! 🙂

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