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Recently, I returned from an overseas school tour to Vietnam. It was a short 5-day trip but man, I’m so exhausted! Being accountable for the lives of 40 students is a heavy responsibility and I only heaved a big sigh of relief once they were back in their arms of their parents.

When I was away, the boy shared that Elliott fell ill. He took him to the doctor’s last Friday evening and was given some meds. However, he was still ill when I returned and his runny nose developed into a hacking cough.


He was also running relatively high fevers throughout the day and at night, his temperature would cross the 39 degree mark. Both of us slept very badly the past few days due to the frequent wakings to check on him. The poor bubu also had very interrupted sleep due to the violent coughing.

Unfortunately, both parents fell ill as well. The boy, who rarely falls ill, is also down with a runny nose and sore throat. Due to a lack of proper rest/sleep, I also succumbed.

I am just really thankful and grateful for Elliott’s Ah Ma and Por Por who stepped up to care for him.


They came bearing food to feed me and helped to look after the little one so that I could rest.

I was desperate to make Elliott well again and suddenly remembered that a girlfriend who studies aromatherapy gave us some blends. I quickly texted her to ask if I can use them and she replied almost immediately: “Of course! That’s what they’re for.”


This says “Anti-Germicongestion Blend” on the bottle and sounds perfect for our currently germs-filled environment. As the name suggests, it’s anti-germ and decongestion and importantly, baby-safe. This blend is made up of sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and fir needle essential oil.

I used 2-3 drops in our diffuser and other than making the room smell nice, I like to think that it helped in making Elliott (and us) sleep a little better.

On Wednesday, seeing that E’s cough wasn’t getting any better and the little chap was just miserable, we made a second doctor’s visit to my usual family doctor. He was prescribed with 4 days of Zithromax antibiotics, and some red liquid (forgot the name) with Ventolin.

Thankfully, he looked a little better on Wednesday evening and could even manage to smile and clap along to songs. It was the best sight ever for the tired parents.

We spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday in this position because a sick child is a very very clingy child. Even though I was feeling less than stellar myself, it was the least I could do to make him feel better.


Keeping fingers crossed that come the weekend, our entire family will be well enough to head outdoors for a bit of fresh air.


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