Flowery Fun Times at Gardens by the Bay

Note: This is a photo-heavy entry.

The last time C and I met was back in August 2014 when our babies were 5 months old. Oh how time has flown by! We decided that it was time for an overdue meet-up and decided to take the 2 babies toddlers to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. There is currently a nursery rhyme-themed flower display which should keep the 2 little ones suitably entertained.

We both took the day off last Friday and met at about 10am. It made me laugh when I think back about pre-baby days when at 10am, I would still be in deep slumber and wouldn’t wake till at least 11am. How times have changed 🙂

Flowery Tiimes @ Gardens by the Bay

As you can see, it is near impossible to get a good picture with toddlers where BOTH are looking at the camera. Pffft. Liz checks out Elliott (top picture), then it was Elliott’s turn to check out Liz. Aiyoooo.


I  made it a point to take a picture of just us because it is easy to forget that we are friends first, then mothers 🙂 So here’s a picture of the two of us against very pretty flowers with no photo-editing, okay?

Flowery Tiimes @ Gardens by the Bay1

As it was still early with not many visitors (hooray), the Flower Dome was really really cold! If you are taking your young children to the flower display, please pack warm clothing just in case. I suspect it may get less cold in the afternoon when the sun shines through and more visitors fill up the Dome.


These two. They melt my heart! How cute are they together?! It was really hard to capture this photo, by the way, I must have taken about 10 shots before this made the cut. It is added bonus that Elliott is smiling 🙂


As both of them can walk, it was much easier for us mummies as they can be “let loose” to explore the place. As you can tell from these pictures, both were busy pointing out things that they recognised.


“Bee! Buzz buzz!”


“Look Liz! More frowers!”

The last picture looks like Elliott is out of a date at the park with his girlfriend. Hur hur. So young and already out on dates. C also quipped that it doesn’t look like Singapore. It sure does look like they’re in Europe, especially with Elliott in his pullover!

Flowery Tiimes @ Gardens by the Bay3

Flowery Tiimes @ Gardens by the Bay4

Flowery Tiimes @ Gardens by the Bay5

There were loads of familiar nursery rhymes such as “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, “Humpty Dumpty” and here’s us with “The Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe” – didn’t see any old lady though. Familiar nursery rhymes were also playing on loop on the loud speakers and we sang along to the songs as we checked out the display.


The flowers were really vibrant and beautiful. It was easy to be trigger-happy with the camera! Also, because it was still relatively early, we could get pictures without being photobombed by enthusiastic tourists. There were some but not crazy crowded, thankfully. The crowds started to arrive as we were leaving.

Oh and did you know that in celebration of SG50, senior Singaporeans and PRs above the age of 60 get to enter for free? This applies to both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest and is valid from 1 June to 31 August 2015. Simply present your IC at the ticketing booth to enjoy this privilege.


We managed to enjoy a quick lunch at Bakerzin (just past the entrance of Flower Dome) and had a quick runabout at the waterplay area before the rain came down in sheets.

Someone had too much fun and passed out in the toddler carrier (which rocks, by the way) and I ended up sitting/walking around Gardens by the Bay while my baby napped.


Go check it out if you are looking for something fun to do indoors with little ones. Just remember to pack warm clothing as it can get cold. Also, try and go really early (the Flower Dome opens at 9am) to beat the crowds.


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