Teething issues

After trying unsuccessful to clean Moon’s teeth, we had to look for alternative methods to do so. Her teeth, especially the back ones, have quite a bit of plaque and if not removed, can become a health hazard. Also, it gives her bad breath. Pfffft. One of our fellow therapy dog volunteers told us that she uses a chinese herb called 木贼 (horsetail in English) which you can easily buy from any traditional chinese medical shop. I had to google how to pronounce it (mu4 zei2) so what we did was to simply show the shopkeeper a picture of the herb and we got this bag in return. We got these from a medical shop at Kovan and it only costs 50 cents!


To use: Soak a few pieces in warm water until soft enough to fold. Fold one piece into two and use the entire flat surface to rub gently against the plaque on your dog’s teeth.

Here’s photo evidence of us trying it on Moon for the first time:


In the first picture, you see a thick layer of plaque on one of her back tooth. After a couple of rubs, you can see plaque on the herb itself. SUPER SHIOK!

A word of caution: Do not scrap at the plaque as it will remove the protective enamel on your dog’s teeth. Instead, use the entire herb’s surface to rub against the plaque.

We try and do this once a week either before/after her weekly bath and also apply Topiclean’s Clean Teeth Gel every other day to (hopefully) speed up the process. Once a week, we try and brush her teeth too. I use the word ‘try’ because I’m not sure how much teeth we really clean vs Moon licking the toothpaste.


Do you have any other tips to keep our dog’s teeth clean and fresh? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Teething issues

    1. Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah, it does sound like sandpaper equivalent so we only do it once a week as overuse may lead to degradation of the tooth enamel. We also use dog toothepaste for Moon but we really think that most of it ends up in her tummy as she just licks/swallows it! We are halfway through TopiClean so we shall see.

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