note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 15

Dear Elliott,

Two days ago, you turned 15 months old. Every single time I write my note to you, my heart does a little twinge when I realise once again how quickly you are growing. I still remember my very first note to you, when it was simply ‘Note to Elliott – 01‘. How did we get to the 15th note already? You are no longer a little baby but a proper toddler.


You, my little man, is a chatterbox. I tell the boy that you sound like you are speaking a language you made up. You chat to yourself when playing with your trucks and it is the cutest thing. I can’t wait to capture it on video as I am quite sure these are moments that won’t last forever. I am also going to document here the words that you can say at the grand young age of 15 month old so that when we look back, we can have a giggle:

  1. mama
  2. tear-ti (Daddy)
  3. papa (papaya – not Papa!)
  4. there (complete with finger pointing)
  5. frower (flower)
  6. ha-o (hello)
  7. popo (Por Por – makes her smile and melts her heart when you call her)
  8. woah woah (to mimic the sound of a dog barking)
  9. pa-pur (bubble)
  10. nen nen (milk or food in general)
  11. mo (Moon and Domo – we can’t decide who you are calling)
  12. ta too (thank you)
  13. ar-mo (Elmo)
  14. tur tur (turtle)
  15. bor (ball)
  16. fro (frog)
  17. ma mo (no more)
  18. ya-lo (yellow)
  19. pur pur (purple)
  20. fo (phone)
  21. for (fall, as in “Humpty Dumpty had a great FALL!”)
  22. oh oh (when we read “A Bit Lost” and the little owl falls out)

You pick up new words almost on a daily basis and hearing you mispronounce common words make us smile. Your grandparents think that you’re going to be a talkative one like Mummy.

You still enjoy swimming and is a total water baby (for now). You squeal and have the largest grin plastered on your face when you spot the swimming pool. We took you for a baby swim trial class and you did really good. We go “one….two….THREE!” and was plunged underwater (!) but you emerged happy. I was a very proud Mummy 🙂 You are also perfectly ok with water running down your face and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you do not suddenly develop an aversion to water as some kids do.

We do a little post-bath routine with you where we read books and you push your trucks/cars/anything-with-wheels around the house. I love how you grab a book, lumber towards me in your half-walk, half-crawl manner, then plonk yourself onto my lap, ready for storytelling time. I treasure these times very much as I can take in the smell of your freshly-scrubbed hair and watch your intrigued face as we read the same book for the nth time.


Your current favourites are lift-the-flaps books, such as “Dear Zoo“, “Where’s Elmo?” and “Let’s Go To The Farm“. We also borrowed this book called “I Spy Animals” from the National Library (which has an awesome collection of baby and children’s books, by the way) and you amaze us by pointing out the items. You are also currently obsessed – yes, obsessed – with your “Wheels on the Bus” book and would cry and whine if we dare deny you of it. The poor book is in quite a state with your constant (man)handling and we have to resort to hiding it in the drawer so that it can take a “rest” from your grubby hands.

These days, you have also discovered that our dining table and chairs make the perfect obstacle course. You pull yourself up onto the chair and onto the table in a matter of seconds – URGH. The long bench at the dining table is also your favourite obstacle course. Who needs playgyms?!


You also enjoy being at the neighbourhood playground and would climb up on the slide, including the spiral ones. You dash around at top speed but is still a little wary about going down the slide. I am pretty confident you will figure it out very soon, my little bubu.

We also take you to the nearby sand playground (woohoo) and you seem to really enjoy scooping sand into the pail with your spade. You can go on for quite a while! You don’t seem bothered by the texture of sand and would sit quite happily playing on your own. Getting the sand out of your clothes and hair is a different story altogether though – URGH.


You are eating much better these days. Yeay! You take an interest in whatever we are eating and if you decide that you like it, you would demand for it again and again. You had your first taste of babycino but you did not like it so guess who had to finish it up? You are also more adventurous now and would try food of different textures. I gave you a slice of lemon the other day for the second time and you really quite enjoyed it! It was such a difference from the first time when you made a want-to-vomit face which made us laugh, of course.


Mummy also recently bought a Tula Toddler baby carrier because I do miss baby-wearing you. You were starting to resist being in the Beco Gemini and as it turns out, it was just getting too small for your growing butt you. I really love that you are close to me again and my arms are not at risk of falling off as you have just crossed the 10kg mark. I love it when you fall asleep in it and it amazed me again and again how your little mouth pouts the same way as your in-utero scans.


People talk about stranger anxiety but you, my child, loves strangers. You wave at random people along the road, even when they are not looking your way. You wave “hello” and “goodbye” to random neighbours we share the lift with and in return, you get the biggest smiles. Just the other day, you were deep in slumber – or so I thought – in my arms when you decided to suddenly wake and wave “hello” to the lady who shared our lift. You then promptly fell back asleep again, as if that wave never happened. You are too cute lah.

These days, you cry anxiously, complete with big fat tears whenever I walk out of the room, or even to use the bathroom. Is this what we call separation anxiety? Despite my repeated lines of “Mummy is here, sweetie!”, you continue to whine and cry until you can see me and is back in my arms again.


You have also learnt how to kiss properly, dishing out kisses to all whom you love and love you right back. You make the kissing sound and would plant kisses on Teddy whenever we read “Good Night Teddy” and we get to the bit where Teddy gives Mummy Bear a hug and kiss goodnight.

You  haven’t been able to walk on your own for quite a while now and I was starting to wonder if you’d ever walk on your own (that’s paranoid Mummy speaking). You walk really quickly when you’re holding onto our fingers but when we let go, you simply plonk yourself on the floor and refuse to walk, choosing to crawl quickly instead.

Your Popo used to say that “when time is up, he will walk” (whatever that means) and I think that “time” was the day you turned exactly 15 months old because that very night, you decided to finally walk on your own.

*cue confetti and fireworks*

We were so so so excited and proud of you! You did not just take 2-3 steps. You walked from the living room into your room! That’s quite a lot of distance for a new walker! You are still a little unsteady but I am sure with time and practise, you will be off exploring the world very soon.


Happy 15 months, my bubu-pants! We can’t wait to go on more adventures!

PS. Yes, you do have quite a few nicknames, i.e. chubbytubs, sweetie, bubu, ah-bubu, ah-pok (your Gong Gong calls you that, not sure how that came about!) and now, bubu-pants. Sometimes, Mummy gets lazy and I call you bu-pants 🙂

Love you lots,
Mummy xoxo


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