Swim trial with AquaDucks

It is a known fact that Elliott loves the water. He absolutely adores being at the swimming pool and bathtime is possibly one of the highlight of his day. He loves splashing and kicking his legs about whenever he’s in the pool and hearing his unbridled chuckles make my heart soar.

So I thought we should go check out a baby swim class. Just for the fun of it and to see if he takes to it. He is currently attending music class on Sundays and the last thing I want to do is to sign him for another “formal” class. He’s only a year old!

I contacted AquaDucks and after a couple of emails, we booked ourselves a (free) trial class at Turf City on a Sunday afternoon.


Please note that they are not at Grandstand. Instead, they have a standalone facility just before the carpark entrance at Grandstand. There were drawn carpark lots but everyone just parked neatly side by side.

We informed the staff that we were there for the trial class and were told to get changed. There were many shower cubicles available (very good) and a long sturdy ledge where you can change your baby/toddler.

Swim trial - Elliott

We were a little early so we stood by the side watching the previous class. I like that the pools are shielded from our merciless sun. We were going to use the same pool on the left of the picture which is apparently heated.


While watching the other class, Elliott looked really happy and excited. I love this picture as it captured him grinning and then looking at his Daddy as if saying: This looks like fun! I can’t wait to jump in, Daddy! 

So cute lah.


Elliott and the boy got into the pool soon after just to ‘warm up’. They sat the sides and Elliott was splashing water and squealing with joy. Ah, a good start. Here, they are in the water, swishing around just to get familiarised with the environment. There were 3 other little ones who were there for the trial as well. One girl looked older than Elliott while the other girl was just a couple of months old.


The entire trial took about 30 minutes and it was made up of little exercises to get the little ones used to the water. The lady instructor also made use of little toys to get the kids interested, i.e. by getting them to “swim” to the toys to retrieve them before placing them into a plastic basket. Elliott took a liking to a rubber duck and simply refused to let it go.

They were also taught simple safety moves such as placing their (little) hands on the ledge before pulling themselves up to dry land. This is in the event of accidental slips into the pool. Of course, Elliott was too tiny to pull himself out of the water but he was helped by Daddy.

They also had water poured gently over their faces to see their reactions. Before the class, we were told to practise this at home, i.e. letting water run down Elliott’s face after a count of 1-2-3 so that he will be conditioned to expect water coming down his face.

This bit of the class got me a little nervous because each kid was made to go underwater momentarily. Watch how Elliott did:

I like how he smiled at me and before he knew it, he was underwater. Ooooops. I was so so proud of him for not bursting into tears! Ah, my brave little bubu.

They also did this ‘wash your ears’ activity where you basically let the kid feel the water close to their ears:

Elliott looked like he enjoyed the class but he was grouchy towards the end because it was way past his naptime. After his feed, he passed out in the baby carrier (yeay!).

Verdict? I don’t think we’d be signing him up for another (formal) class at this point but swimming is a life skill so perhaps one day when he’s older.


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