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6 years and counting

Because I have a goldfish memory, I have to blog about it so that one year down the road, I will remember what happened. And maybe one day, if I suffer from amnesia, I can look back and go: Oh so this happened!

So here goes.

Last Friday, we celebrated our 6th year of marriage. A couple of days before, the boy sent me an invitation to a dinner date – just the two of us. On the day itself, he sent me this Whatsapp message:

“I think there’s something for you at the General Office”.

That was so cute, can? It’s like he cannot wait to tell me so he blurted it out. Hur hur. It was a particularly crazy day at work and I could only collect my ‘something’ at about 1pm.


And what a gorgeous bunch of ‘something’ it was. Apparently, he did not know where to buy nice flowers from but went to stalk my Instagram account and noticed that I ‘like’ the flowers from The Bloom Room so he decided to order from them. Awwww. The gorgeous bunch was accompanied by a hand-written card with this message in it. It may be mere words but they mean so much.

I snapped a million pictures because we all know that flowers wilt and die in our heat. It is now sitting in a vase on our dining table and it makes the house smell and look wonderful. There’s just something about fresh flowers and a home.

Anyway, that evening, we headed to Shelter in the Woods  at Greenwood Avenue. Can I just add that traffic at Bukit Timah is horrendous?! Took me such a long time just to get there. I was so glad when I actually found a parking lot, I think I heaved an audible sigh of relief.


I was early so I had time to study the menu. Apparently, the boy told me that he picked the restaurant because he noted that they served ‘suckling pig’ as a starter. Ah, my husband knows me very well indeed 🙂


The restaurant wasn’t full when I first arrived but it soon filled up quickly. Due to its popularity (it being a Friday evening), they have 2 seatings and ours was the first. We had to be done by 8.45 pm which was very reasonable. Besides, we had parenting duties to return to 🙂


This is the boy trying hard to decide what to order from the menu. In the end, he went with the Rack of Lamb while I had the day’s special of Spare Ribs. We also shared a starter of Suckling Pig (but of course) and Duck Rillette.

Rotisserie Sucking Pig
Duck Rillette
Duck Rillette

I devoured the Suckling Pig because it was soooo good. It was insanely crispy and flavourful. I would totally order a large portion the next time we are there (this was a small portion). I wasn’t a big fan of the duck because it’s (1) cold (2) like pate. And me no like pate.

The mains arrived and I was a little floored. Check out the size of the ribs.

Spare Ribs
Spare Ribs
Rotisserie Rack of Lamb
Rotisserie Rack of Lamb

Here’s a picture for scale:


It was delicious though! Succulent, juicy ribs. All for me. But erm, it was so huge, I had to doggy bag half of it. Hur hur. The boy also enjoyed the lamb chops and declared it YUMS.

We were so full, there wasn’t any room left for dessert. Boo.


Happy 6th anniversary to my best friend, lover, confidante, cheerleader, food taster, handyman, expert clothes washer, and everything else that I am not. To quote Yann, I am not the perfect wife (only at version 1.0) but will continue to work hard to become a version 2.0, with extra RAM because I am very lacking in memory space. 

And in case anyone’s wondering, the terrible wife here did not get the boy any present (the horrors!) but I did pay for our dinner 🙂


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