Moon goes to the dentist.

A dog’s life pet salon (yes, that’s the actual name) informed me that their dental hygienist was in town and asked if I’d like to take Moon in for teeth scaling. One of the services they offer is “pain-free and anaesthetic-free dental scaling” which basically means that your dog’s teeth are cleaned without the need for sedation. Traditionally, teeth scaling is done at the vet’s where the dog are sedated before their teeth gets cleaned. The idea of a temporary sedation just for teeth cleaning makes me uncomfortable and I am sure many pet owners feel the same.

Anyway, I made an appointment for Moon along with basic grooming and dropped her off. I was told that the teeth scaling would not take more than 30 minutes IF the dog is cooperative.

I was checking my phone to see if I received any call/text to inform me that Moon is ready but after about an hour or so, my phone stayed silent. I was starting to get a feeling that perhaps it was not working out. Ever since Elliott came into our lives, Moon has become a lot more ‘jumpy’ and nervous. I guess having a new little human in her life is a big change. She went from being the baby of our family to having to share our attention with a human baby. Before dropping her off, I did wonder if she’d allow her teeth to be cleaned in a foreign environment but thought that perhaps her docile temperament would allow it to happen.

About 2 hours-ish later, Maisy called. She informed me that Moon has been groomed but unfortunately, they were unable to clean her teeth. Apparently, their dental hygienist only managed to clean 2 teeth before Moon reacted violently by firmly clamping her mouth shut and jerking away. I was surprised because between Domo (who had his teeth cleaned at the same place successfully) and Moon, she is the more docile and less ‘jumpy’ one.

Maisy also shared that they spent about half an hour playing with her to try and let her feel more at ease before teeth cleaning and still, it did not work.

I also found out that apparently, Moon takes the ‘honour’ of being the first dog ever to not get her teeth cleaned successfully at a dog’s life pet salon.


I told Maisy that I would write a blog entry about it because I think many pet owners think that teeth scaling will be done by hook or by crook and there may be instances where your dog is put under duress just to get the job done. I am actually appreciative that a dog’s life pet salon chose not to subject Moon to stress and decided not to clean her teeth when she resisted. I was also not charged for the service, paying only for basic grooming.


This is the face of a dog who did not get her teeth cleaned. Maybe we’d try again one day.


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