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Just another day.

This was my 2nd Mother’s Day. Last year, my first, we had a buffet lunch at a hotel because the sister organised it for my mum. She actually forgot that I am a mother too 🙂 Nothing else happened and the only mention it got on my blog was in my 2nd note to Elliott.

This Mother’s Day was the same. There was no fanfare, no card, no flowers, no gift, no “Happy Mother’s Day!“. But it’s ok. Really. As cliche as it sounds, one can celebrate Mother’s Day any other day instead of jostling with 10,000 others at fancy restaurants.

I did receive wishes from my lovely friends who very sweetly wished me over Whatsapp and asked me excitedly how I was being pampered.


I was lying in bed, sick. Like, literally sick sick. I had a sore throat, a nose that wouldn’t stop running, and a pounding head that felt like lead. I wish I could say that I was brought breakfast in bed but all I wanted to do was to sleep. Now that I am a parent, being sick doesn’t mean that one can simply lie in bed and snooze the day away.

No siree. There is one little man that needs to be fed, bathed, dressed, entertained. This same little man also needs to have his soiled diapers changed and put down for naps.

I was thankful that the boy took Elliott to music class on Sunday and I could sleep in for a tiny bit. I think that was a Mother’s Day present in itself.

I guess it is always nice to wake up to breakfast in bed, a bunch of pretty flowers and maybe a handmade card. But then again, my son is all of 14 months old and he has no idea that last Sunday is a special day set aside to honour mothers. A couple of weekends back, I (half jokingly) asked the husband what he’s doing (for me) on Mother’s Day. Without missing a beat, he said: But you’re not my mother what.

Okaaaaaay. This is a classic example of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Hur hur.

I am not expecting a fancy dinner, or even a gift. Heck, I don’t even need a card. I am positive that I speak for most, if not all mothers, especially first-time ones, that all we want, simply, is to hear:

“Happy Mother’s Day. You may not be perfect but I know that you are doing your best and that is good enough.”

Yes. That is all that really matters. That simple affirmation in verbal, or handwritten form will keep us going on days when we feel that we can’t go on anymore.


Happy Mother’s Day.


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