note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 14

Dear Elliott,

This note is a little late but I have a good excuse. Work has been craaaaaazy and I rush off to pick you each evening from your Ah Ma’s so that we can spend that extra few hours together before we hit the sack. I’ve contemplated blogging and have the entire entry ready in my head but sleep usually wins and another day goes by.

So yes. Here we are at 14 months. I spotted this cartoon on Facebook the other day and chuckled. Let us count the ways:


You have started yelling practice, couch exploration (along with the day curtains in the living room), water fun, and dog walking. You have developed a knack of throwing yourself onto the floor in dramatic fashion but we have learnt to ignore you whenever you do that. You have learnt quickly that such theatrics in this household will get you nowhere.

For now, it’s Parents 1 Elliott 0.

Your vocabulary has increased since last month. You can now say “ma mo” (no more), “tare” (there), “tur tur” (turtle), “tare-ti” (daddy), “bor” (ball) and your favourite word, “frower” (flower). You also like to say “ta-too” and we have no idea what that means. You can also do a “flying kiss” (side note: Why do people call it a ‘paeng kiss’?!) to anyone who asks, and you wave Hello/Goodbye to all and sundry who walk by. You’re definitely a friendly one!


You like the book “A Bit Lost” which Aunty Cherry gave you for your 1st birthday and would go “oh oh oh” whenever you see the owl fall off the tree. You also like saying “ba ba ba” which translates to “bump bump bump” (owl bouncing on the floor). You also enjoy “Where is the Green Sheep?” and would flip the page whenever we get to the question “But, where is the Green Sheep?” (Thank you Aunty Wendy for the awesome book!).

Your parents also bravely took you to your very first wedding dinner. You amazed us by remaining mostly calm and even stayed in the high chair for most of the time. I did bring along an arsenal of tools to keep you entertained, i.e. “Where’s Elmo?” cloth book (I love seeing you grin as you lift the flap and find Elmo for the 9,275th time), your Chuggington train, etc.


Of course, you also decided that the stairs behind us would make an awesome playground so Daddy and I took turns walking up and down with you a gazillion times.


Last weekend, you also hung out at the beach with Yiyi. Watching you touch sand for the first time was amusing but to see your intense face as you concentrated on scooping sand into the pail filled my heart with pride and joy.

You have also discovered the world of Chuggington. Oh we know. One should not let a young child like you watch TV, yada yada yada but we do (try) and limit you to 30 minutes a day. Watching your face light up the moment the theme song comes on and seeing you bop in your self-styled dancing ways… So so cute.

At 14 months old, we have learnt that we cannot walk past kiddy rides without stopping so that you can have a go at it. You arch your body into a horizontal position (!) and point your finger in the direction of the ride(s).


Why, your Daddy even got sucked persuaded into paying $10 for 3 rides on these strange-looking”animals” with neon blinking lights on their head (!) and knees (!!). And guess who had to go on that ride with you in a public place?

Your Mummy. Of course.

Ah, things we do as a parent. And because we love you so, we put up with public humiliation and embarrassment.

We also took you to watch your very first musical, The Three Billy Goats Gruff by SRT. Again, your mother here was nervous that you were going to screech the house down 10 minutes into the show – if we are lucky. Daddy remarked: Let’s see how long he lasts.


Once again, you exceeded our expectations. You actually stayed quiet and attentive throughout. Granted, the entire musical was only 45 minutes but that’s an eternity in a toddler’s world! I am not sure how much you understood of what was happening on stage but I think you quite enjoyed the singing and dancing.

On the eating front, I am pleased to say that you have since discovered that there is more to life than milk. You now enjoy porridge with pumpkin and cod fish that your Ah Ma prepares twice-daily. You also love shouting “MUM! MUM!” while pointing at our food. You now express disdain at soft mushy food and prefer those with a soft texture.


Bananas and papayas are your current favourites and you also recently discovered the lovely taste of Portobello mushrooms and hard-boiled eggs. Of course, yogurt still ranks up there on your favourite list of food. When you want to eat, nothing stops you, i.e. you come right up to my face and yell: MUM! MUM! On the other hand, when you don’t want to eat, nothing I do can make you open your mouth. URGH.

You also love doing pretend housework. Oh my child! I have a couple of videos where you “wipe” the floor with a cloth, or use the MagicMop clumsily. These videos are so precious and I can’t wait to show them to you when you’re old enough to help with housework 🙂

Happy 14 months, my curious and happy child. Stay this way forever, ok?


Lots and lots and lots of love,
Mummy xoxo


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