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At the beach

Met up with the sister for brunch at Parkland Green because she missed her nephew 🙂 I brought along Elliott’s sandplay toys that were kindly gifted by Aunty Yi Lin for his 1st birthday to see if he’d take to playing with sand.


It was his first real experience on sand and at first, he was a little apprehensive, curling his toes upwards. After the toys came out, he forgot all about it (and even allowed the sun hat to stay on – yeah!) and plunged straight into it, scooping sand with the spade into the pail (with loud appreciation from his audience, i.e. us).

The sister took these photos with her DSLR and I particularly appreciate the ones where I am in it because usually, I am behind the camera!

IMG_2671  IMG_2673 IMG_2675

IMG_2692 IMG_2694

IMG_2689 IMG_2690

When it was time to go, someone wasn’t very happy. Hur hur.


Looking forward to more playtime at the beach!


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