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A mother’s heart

Elliott’s current favourite game is a cross between hide and seek and peekaboo. He will hide (usually behind my back) and I’d go: “Uh oh, where’s Elliott? Mummy can’t see Elliott. Where’s Ellllllliottttt? Where did he go?” I’d then pretend to look high and low while he giggles behind my back. Very very cute.

Last evening, I was over at the in-laws to pick him up as per our usual weekday routine. While waiting for the MIL to set out dinner, I was playing our usual peekaboo/hide-and-seek game with him except that this time, he was crawling about at high speed on the inflatable play island that we got for a steal from Early Learning Centre. He was hiding inside the inflatable tunnel and crawling in and out of it, giggling loudly as he hid from me.


I had a fleeting thought in my head (is this what you call mother’s instincts?!) that at the speed he’s going, there might be a chance that he may slip (the plastic sheet is a little slippery). He was also wearing long pants which doesn’t help. Photo above was taken a few weeks ago.

Before I could tell him to stop/calm down, it happened.

He slipped while crawling out of the tunnel, landing on his chin (butt in the air). I quickly picked him up and to my horror, there was blood on his lower lip. He screamed, probably in shock and pain. I held him close to comfort him. He was inconsolable for a good 30 seconds or so. Think big fat tears streaming down his face.

And in that short 30 seconds or so, my heart broke for a bit.

IMG_2478 (1)

And yes, his injury left a blood stain on my work dress. But that was the least of my worries.

I quickly checked that he hasn’t broken any tooth (none, thankfully) and amazingly, after about a minute or so of hysterical crying, he calmed down, smiled and said: Bor! (ball)

Oh my silly little bubu. It may have only been a small superficial wound but my heart, it broke a little to see you hurt.

I know that injuries are part and parcel of growing up, especially for very active boys, and I can only hope that my heart is not put through too many of such instances.


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