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miss ene goes cycling

Three years ago, the boy gifted me with a bicycle. The poor bike had been languishing in a corner since I got pregnant (cannot cycle) and after Elliott was born, caring for him left me with even less time for leisure cycling. We live near a park connector and the boy decided that he will cycle to work as it is probably easier than waiting for the (crowded) bus. Also, it will enable us to cycle as a family again, this time with Elliott in tow.

We did a bit of research and the boy decided that a child seat that is mounted in front is better than one at the back. We thought that it would be good that we can point out the sights to Elliott as we cycled as opposed to him staring into his Daddy’s back.


We decided on the Yepp Mini and eventually bought it (with a new Merida bicycle for the boy) from Cycle Craft along East Coast Road. They were were the ones who carried the Yepp child seat.

Since we got the bike situation sorted out, we have been cycling to check out our neighbourhood. One weekend, we cycled to East Coast Park. It was so so hot! Check out Elliott’s face. Before you report us to Child Services, please know that he simply refused to put on his sun hat, nor his sunglasses. Pfffft. I did slap on loads of sunblock for him though but forgot to put on any for myself so I got quite sunburnt. Doh.


The boy would take Elliott in the Yepp seat while Moon goes into the basket with me. We only let her run alongside our bicycles when the ground is shaded.


We had brunch at Killiney Kopitiam (it shares a space with Cheers convenience store) which is located right at the edge of Parkland Green. We almost settled for Starbucks Cafe as most of the eateries weren’t open but I was glad for a local-style breakfast.

On our ride back, Elliott started to get fussy but before long, he fell asleep. The constant movement of the bike with the wind in his face must have been lulling.


As you can see, the poor husband had to cycle with one hand with the other supporting his napping son. When we got home, we were stuck with a dilemma:

To remove him from the child seat so that he is more comfortable, but risk waking him? Or to let him remain in it until he wakes himself up?


Well, the choice was clear – we did not want to wake a sleeping baby. Hehe. For the record, he did not last very long in this position and was awake in about 20 minutes.

Other than East Coast, we have also cycled (6km ONE WAY!) to Gardens By The Bay where we learnt that cycling within the parks is prohibited. You can only cycle at the fringe roads but not within the park itself.

Can’t wait for more cycling adventures!


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