elliott · moments

That moment.

This morning, as per routine, I drove my sleeping baby to my in-laws. It was a quiet peaceful drive with only his lullabye tunes on the CD and the soft whirring of the car’s engine in the background. What a change from the early days, I thought to myself.

When the MIL removed him gently from the car seat, he stirred and opened his eyes. He looked a little confused before realising what was happening. I braced myself for a crying fest (which has happened on many similar occassions) but that did not happen. Instead, he allowed his Ah Ma to carry him.

As they walked off, I lingered on just for a moment longer instead of rushing off to work, and watched their retreating backs.

Elliott looked up sleepily and our eyes met.

I waved at him cheerily, and silently said: See you tonight, my sweetie. Be good at Ah Ma’s.

And to my surprise, he waved back with a slight smile. There were no tears.

I’d be ok, Mummy. See you later“, his expression seemed to say.

And that was a moment that I hope I never forget.


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