note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 13

Dear Elliott,

Today, you turn 13 months old. Before I became a mother, I used to wonder why parents would answer me in months whenever I asked how old their kid was. “Why can’t they just say 1-year-plus instead of 15 months?“, I’d wonder.

I now know why. Because a 13 month old would, I suppose, be pretty different to a say, 20 month old. Both are 1-year-plus but yes, I now see why it makes a difference.

This month, I also contemplated whether I should stop my notes to you since you hit the 1 year mark and maybe just write every 6 month or so. I then look back at the entries that I have written and realise that they serve as a reminder of how much you have developed and I decide that yes, I will continue my notes to you until, oh, I don’t know…when you’re 18?

Ok, I kid. I will continue to document your growth for as long as I can. You demonstrate such rapid changes in a short month that given my goldfish memory, I will forget all the little changes that you go through, and I don’t ever want that to happen.

So here I go, my note to you, for turning 13 months old.

You have decided that it is way more fun to throw food off your high chair for Moon, than to put it in your mouth. Case in point: You had 2 sweet potato puffs; Moon had 8. Moon, being the greedy intelligent dog that she is, has learnt very quickly that high chair near the dining table equates to FREE FOOD! FOR ME! YEAY YEAY YEAY! I foresee the two of you being BFF (Best Furry Friends?) soon.


Speaking of Moon, you are now more aware of her existence. When asked “Where’s Moon?“, you would point in her general direction or look downwards at the floor (if you’re being carried). You also try and pat her and the word ‘gentle‘ is still very much work-in-progress.

You seem to have an aversion to sitting still on high chairs. You sit in them for all of 0.25 seconds and then decide that it is more fun to stick your leg out completely and start to crawl onto the table. We try and keep you distracted with a bowl and spoon which you use to try and feed us with (very sweet, I must say) but this distraction tactic lasts for a grand….5 minutes.

I try and distract you with food from our table but you pinch it, move it around the table, and continue to break free from the chair. Pffffft. You have started to shown keener interest in what we eat, uttering “mum mum“. You have expressed a liking to bread, rice and porridge. A carbs lover, just like Mummy!

You also enjoy your baby yogurt and cannot open your mouth fast enough to gobble it all. Your favourite food is still mixed grain cereal. Alamak. I feel like a bad Mummy feeding you ‘instant food’ but have stopped beating myself up over it because look buddy, I make you fresh food. FRESH SALMON WITH POTATOES AND CARROTS AND DILL! You took one tiny mouth, made a face and spat it out.


So yes, I shall stop feeling guilty. You will eat when the time comes. Thankfully, you are still good with milk. When I ask if you’d like “naen naen“, you’d repeat it after me to indicate that you’d like some.

You are also curious. So very curious. You watch intently when something catches your fancy and no matter what I do (wave like a lunatic in your face, call you name 10x, etc), you continue to observe and take it all in. You recently decided that it is interesting to watch Daddy shower Moon. You crawled into the bathroom, pulled yourself up and stood quietly to watch. I have a sweet picture of it (with your hand resting on his lap) but Daddy was topless and I don’t think he’d appreciate me sharing that photo on the world wide web but I will show it to you when you are a little older.

We also had a little playdate with 3 other friends over at our home. You looked like you had fun! It was interesting to see how boys (you and R) are quite different from the girls (H and C). This picture of you and R warm my heart so. R’s mama and I used to do pre-natal yoga together with our huge bellies and now, the two of you are side by side, having brunch. Ok, more like we were having brunch and the two of you were having ants in your pants.


You also went on your first visit to the Zoo where you enjoyed random leaves and the waterfall more than the exhibits. Oh well. I’m sure you’d grow to love these visits when you’re older.

Remember your little red car that Yiyi got you? You still love sitting in it. These days, we take you out for walks with Moon in it instead of the stroller because as Daddy wisely said, you’re outgrowing it very very soon.


You’re Speedy Gonzales on all 4 limbs, crawling all over at top speed. You have also learnt how to get off our bed by clinging onto the bedsheets before landing on your feet with a soft thud. I love watching your face whenever you land safely. It’s as if to say “I DID IT, MUMMY!“. Too cute.

You are now very steady on your walker and have learnt how to move out of tight corners. With support, you can also walk rather fast and steadily. Not long before you can walk, sweetie! You can also play quietly on your own for a short while which is lovely because your caregivers get a bit of respite.

You also enjoy bath time and would yell and scream when you are taken out. You only hated bath time when you were taken ill recently with croup. Thankfully, you were back to your usual self after a couple of days.

Recently, you have learnt how to use your index finger to point at things. You point at the “bus” and “frog” flashcard when asked. You have even learnt how to hop like a frog after Daddy showed you once.

Your current favourite word is ‘frou-wer‘. Everything in sight that vaguely looks like a flower, is “frou-wer“. We walked past a florist the other day and you exclaimed loudly “FROU-WER“. Awwwww.

The books say that you should be suffering from separation anxiety but you don’t seem to be wary of strangers. You are quite happy to be carried by female strangers or anyone that says the magic word – “gai gai“. You also amuse us when you raise your hand whenever we ask “Who is Mummy’s cutie pie?” or other related permutations.

You are generally a happy and cheerful baby and we really cannot ask for more. We can’t wait to take you on more adventures!


Happy 13 months, my bubu!

Love you always,
Mummy xoxo







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