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Going that extra mile

Yesterday, I experienced not one but two incidents where a local store went the extra mile. We are usually quick to criticise when we experience bad service but slow to commend good ones so I told myself that I need to detail down both incidents. This is NOT a sponsored post.

Incident 1

When Elliott was born, we were still living with our parents and our room was plagued by mosquitoes. The boy headed out and bought a mosquito zapper from the hardware shop but it did nothing so that was money down the drain. Yann then recommended the Automated KONK flying insect killer. I like that it is also baby and pet-friendly.



Long story short, we recently had a mosquito situation in our bedroom where poor Elliott was bitten in his sleep. I also had 5 bites all over me (URGH). I took the KONK out again but it wasn’t working. It was meant to be spray at intervals but nothing happened.

I contacted Su Lin at Our Lifestyle Shop (the distributors) and she asked that I take it down to her office so that she can get it checked out. After doing several checks, she exchanged my faulty unit with a brand new one after getting the technician to check that it was in working order. Before we left, she apologised once again and asked that I let her know again if I am still facing any difficulty in getting the new unit to work.

I did not notice this until today that all dispensers come with a 2 year warranty but I was most impressed that I did not have to jump through hoops to make the exchange. Many a times, post-purchase service is a total letdown but I am glad to know that this local company takes pride in their work and products.

Thanks Su Lin!

Incident 2

Last May, Elliott won a pair of so-cute-can-die sandals from ChubbyChubby. I became friends with the owner, Nix, and have gone to her to customise new baby shower gifts for my friends. I ordered another one recently for a friend who just popped and when it arrived at my home, the onesie that was packed nicely fell out of its clips.

It wasn’t a biggie to me but I sent a quick Whatsapp message to Nix to let her know so that she is aware. I told her that I’d leave it as it is because I am terrible at tying a nice bow and don’t want to mess up the gift further.

What she suggested next surprised me: She offered to drive over to my home to fix up the gift box properly. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing (I kept insisting that it’s ok!), she came by the very same evening and got down to work quickly to ensure that the gift box to my friend looks presentable and ‘gift-worthy’. She also brought along a box of cupcakes to apologise (!).


Nix and Elliott at a pop-up store at the National Museum a couple of months back.

Again, this level of post-sales service is out of this world. I was completely ok with the situation but Nix took pride in her work and insisted that she set it right. She is a young entrepreneur and this incident just further affirms that if you have passion in your work, you will succeed.

Thanks so much for coming by, Nix! I can’t wait to meet my friend to pass her the gift. So as not to spoil the surprise, I will only post the picture of the gift box (the before and after) once she receives it.

So there you go. Two separate incidents where the local store owners went the extra mile to ensure that their customer is satisfied. They may not be huge gestures, and some may argue that “it is their business what. Of course they’d care” but think about it: How many times have you given your money to certain businesses only to regret it? Best of all, both are Singapore-based companies so yeay to that!

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