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We went to the zoo zoo ZOO!

We were supposed to head to the Zoo on Elliott’s actual birthday but the boy had a crazy day at work so we headed to the indoor play gym with Por Por instead. I did not forget our zoo date so last week, we both took the day off work and headed to the Zoo with our firstborn. I have to confess that I was really excited because it has been a long long time since I’ve visited the zoo.

On our way, the skies got really dark and it starts to drizzle. Pfffft! At some point, it was pretty heavy. My heart sank. Our first trip to the zoo and it’s raining!


Amazingly, when we pulled into the carpark, the rain looked like it was clearing up. Hooray! I pre-purchased our tickets online (you get 30% off with a Singapore-issued credit card. See here for details) so we simply rocked up to the entrance, got our tickets scanned and we were in. We brought along our huge stroller along and prayed hard that he would stay in it because carrying an almost-10kg baby around in our tropical heat at the zoo would kill me.

It was about 10-ish in the morning when we got to the zoo and according to the map, the giraffe feeding was happening at 10.45am. We decided to make our way to it because on my previous visits to the zoo, we never made it to any feeding sessions!

We went by the polar bear exhibit where Inuka (“the first polar bear born in the tropics”) looked a little sad. My heart went out to the little guy and the boy remarked that he must be quite lonely after his mum passed on. And somehow, having a polar bear in our heat is a bit mad, no?


Ah the dilemma. On one hand, we get to see a real polar bear up close. On the other, it must be so so hot for him! Here’s Daddy trying to get Elliott excited about Inuka.

“Look Bubu! That’s a POLAR BEAR! He’s swimming! Can you see?”



Ok, Elliott didn’t say “Meh” but as you can see from the picture, the only people getting excited were the adults. Hur hur. Don’t believe me? Here’s more evidence:



Oh well. I guess he was just…quietly observing. We were just glad that he was pretty happy in his stroller and did not yell to be carried. YEAY YEAY!



We got to the giraffe enclosure where we were just in time for the feeding session. Paid $5 for a couple of carrots and apple and got really close.


It was my first time being so close to giraffes! I was pretty excited. My son was more interested in…everything else.


I never knew that they ate by curling their tongue around the pieces of food so on a couple of occasions, I let the carrot go because I did not want the giraffe to lick me and it fell to the ground. The zoo keeper had to keep picking up the dropped pieces – oops.



Elliott was also (finally) a bit more interested at the giraffes and kept staring at them. It was a pretty fun experience.



We managed to make it to a second feeding session – the elephants! At first, I was a little hesitant seeing the huge crowds but surprisingly, there was no queue so off we went.



And once again, I present to you, the excited Mummy…


…the excited Daddy…


…and the too-cool-for-elephants son.

We managed to cover most, if not all, of the exhibits (except the reptiles section because I have an irrational, crippling fear of all things related to reptiles – URGH). The rain stayed away for most of the morning until close to noon where the skies turned really really dark.

Time for lunch, I declared.

The boy suggested lunch at Ah Meng’s Kitchen where it was a food court style eatery. It was also where I paid $9 for roast chicken rice. At least it was pretty tasty. Halfway through, the rain came down in sheets and I was really thankful that we were stuck inside the restaurant instead of a random pavilion out in the open.

The rain did not look like it was going to stop so we bravely decided to continue with our visit since we had the rain cover for the stroller and a large enough umbrella for the two of us. By this time, it was way past Elliott’s nap time so he was nodding off in the stroller (woohoo!). Unfortunately, he barely napped for 20 minutes when a monkey decided to bellow really loudly, shocking him awake.

Oh well. We were at the zoo. Can’t blame the monkey now, can we?

We decided to catch one last show (also because it’s a covered seating area) called ‘Rainforest  Fights Back Show’ (such a corny name). Maybe that quick nap helped but the son was slightly more enthusiastic. Just a tad.


Despite the rain, we even managed a quick splash about at the water play area at The Rainforest Kidzworld. It was pretty chilly and I was slightly worried at E catching a chill. At the end of our visit, this silly mother did not realise that there are hot water facilities in the ladies’ changing room so poor baby had to shower in cold water. Brrrr. He was afraid of the huge water sprays so we stayed at the ‘calmer’ areas. Definitely a place for older kids!


We ended up staying way longer at the zoo than I expected, only leaving at almost 4pm. That’s a pretty long day out for a little boy, I say! Suffice to say, he was truly exhausted and so were we. Nevertheless, it was a lovely day spent with our little boy. I can’t wait to return when he’s a little older and can (1) walk on his own (2) name the animals (3) get excited about a visit to the zoo.



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