note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 12

Dear Elliott,

So you just turned 12 months old. Effectively, this changes your ‘status’ from ‘baby’ to ‘toddler’. How quickly you grew, my child. You have found your voice and have started to blabber. You understand ‘mum mum‘ (to eat or to drink milk) and your first word is ‘bor‘ (ball). Oh how you love balls! You also started to say ‘mo‘. Por por thinks that you are calling ‘Domo’ but I think that you are trying to pronounce ‘Moon’. Hehe.

You also like forming an ‘O’ with your mouth and go ‘Ouuuuu‘. This usually happens when you’ve done something wrong (e.g. like dropping the spoon onto the floor for the nth time). I think you picked it up from us because that’s what we do! You also go ‘Ha-o’ on your toy phone. Sometimes, you have a little conversation with yourself (by pressing your palm onto your ear) which make your Daddy and I look at each other and grin like idiots because we just witnessed you (again) being adorably cute (yes, we are very biased).


You are now also very confident on the walker, helping yourself to it and walking out of the room towards us. It makes us laugh when you meet a roadblock and cry out in frustration. We will then have to quickly help you turn around so that you can go on your merry way again. You can also stand firmly when holding onto something for support and chuckles loudly whenever we hold your arms to help you to ‘walk’.

I have also been meaning to blog about your very first haircut but alas, Mummy here has been really swamped at work and when I get home, all I want to do is to spend precious time with you. The thought of turning on the laptop and writing an entry seem to take up way too much energy! Anyway, yes, your first hair cut. You were a trooper and we were so so proud of you! You were suitably distracted by Youtube videos on the iPad (dancing along midway through the cut) and even ‘chatted up’ an older girl. Tsk tsk.


We also celebrated your very first Chinese New Year where Ah Ma taught you how to do ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi’ where you grab your wrist and do a hand-shaking action. You also tried to eat a mandarin orange and discovered that the skin isn’t very nice. Hur hur.


Now that we are on the topic of eating, I have to remind you that you are such a milk monster! On some nights, you need 8 marks of milk before you willingly go to bed. That’s a proper 240 ml of milk! Sheesh. I guess that’s because you are still crap at solids, only eating plain mixed grain cereal and not much else. You do try and nibble on our food but when I try to give you food that I make especially for you, you make a face and turn away. Sigh. You recently also tried french fries and I think you kinda like it. I guess it is time for us to let you try baby-led weaning FOR REAL. I shall try not to get OCD about the mess, I promise.


Like I shared here, our breastfeeding road has ended. But! You have started to sleep through the night which is OH SO GLORIOUS. On some nights, you still wake up for a bit and whine but generally, you are pretty good and sleep through till about 6am before you wake crying for milk. You are still co-sleeping between Daddy and I and we notice that you enjoy being close to us. We place you nicely on your pillow between us but more often than not, when we are ready for bed, we find you horizontal.


Although you leave me with barely enough space to sleep comfortably, I relish the little moments when you place your small palms against my neck. Perhaps it gives you comfort that Mummy is near and it always makes me smile.

Let’s talk about your teeth. I can see the 2 lateral incisor on your lower gums erupting through. According to this chart, you are right on track, my child! Now that we have had experience with you cutting teeth, I promise to be patient whenever you are teething because I can only imagine how horribly painful it must be for you.

The last month also saw you attending your very first Chingay parade. I was hesitant to take you because of the loud noises and intense stimulation (bright lights! loud sounds! fireworks! people!) but we had extra tickets so Por Por and you got to come along. We pointed excitedly at the colourful floats and energetic dancers, ooh-ing and ahh-ing to get you into the mood but as evident in this picture, you are one hard (little) man to please. Oh well, maybe when you’re older then.


I mentioned previously that you love kiddy rides and you still do. Oh you so so do! These days, you arch your body almost horizontal when you spot a ride and make eh-eh-eh noises to indicate that you want to go on it. In fact, I have resorted to shielding your eyes or taking a roundabout route just to avoid walking past ’em evil kiddy rides.


You also love anything with wheels. Such a boy, I say. You love your car(s), your truck and your toy steering wheel. You enjoy sitting in your little red car that Yiyi bought you and much prefer it to the stroller. You also love love LOVE swimming. Oh how you squeal in delight whenever we walk past the swimming pool. You sit and splash water with wild abandonment. Sometimes, you get too excited and you squeal a little too loudly. You’re such a water baby and I hope you remain so for a long long time.


I look back at all the photos that we’ve taken of you, right from birth till now, and I marvel at how much you’ve grown. You’re definitely looking more boy now than baby. On one hand, I miss your baby-ness and your baby smells. On the other, I can’t wait to go on more adventures with you as you grow.

For the past 11 months, I was always able to snap a picture of you lying on the playmat to accompany my note. Not this time though. You simply refused to stay down and it reminded me again that you are no longer my squishy little baby but my little (baby) boy.


Happy 12 month, my darling boy. We love you so very very much!

Love, hugs and too many kisses,
Mummy xoxo


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