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Elliott and Moon

Many have asked: How is Moon with Elliott? Does she get jealous? Does she ‘bully’ Elliott?

In answer to the questions:

How is Moon with Elliott?

They get along wonderfully! Or rather, they are aware of each other’s existence but do not really interact – for now. Whenever I asked Elliott “Where’s Moon?”, he will look in her general direction, or down towards the floor because that’s where she usually is.


Does she get jealous?

Obviously, our time and attention spent on the furry one now is remarkably less. Does Moon feel it? Of course. She actually looks a little sad whenever we rush out of the house without her but being the lovely and sweet dog that she is, she’d still come and sit close to us (i.e. by lying against our legs) whenever we are in the living room. She is not allowed into the bedrooms and if we are in Elliott’s room, she’d sit just outside to ‘stand guard’.

Over the weekend, the boy and the little man were taking a nap in the bedroom while I was in the living room with Moon. She was napping as well. I did not hear it at first but suddenly, she sat up and walked towards the bedroom door and glanced at me. I listened carefully and realised that Elliott was awake. She must have heard it and was probably asking if I heard him crying. Such a sweetheart indeed.


She does try and get our attention by behaving “badly”, i.e. jumping at us when we arrive home, going between us and Elliott, but nothing too drastic. I know for a fact that she will never ever bite/hurt Elliott because even when placed in the most stressful of circumstances (case in point – We were at a friend’s chalet celebrating his kid turning one month old and there were 5-6 kids surrounding her and telling her to ‘SIT!’ repeatedly while trying to touch her fur, pull her tail, etc), she never ever tries to bite or bare her teeth.

Does she ‘bully’ Elliott?

My answer is always: Elliott bullies her! He tries to touch her as she walks by and sometimes, he’s not very gentle. Still a work in progress there! There was an occassion where Moon was happily napping with belly up and what does Elliott do? Crawl over to her and smack her on her belly. She did not even flinch and continued to lie in the same position except to open her eyes with a “Woe is me” expression. Ha!


Last weekend, we went swimming and Moon was constantly on high alert, running to the side of the pool with a “Are you in trouble? Do you need me to rescue you?” expression.


I was telling the boy that if not for the fact that she hates the water, I’m pretty sure she’d jump right in to ‘save’ everyone. In these photos, she looks like she’s calmly watching them swim but I had to make her stay in this position for this photo. She stood up the moment I was done.


Many of the older folks are always concerned about ‘dog fur’ and how it will affect baby’s health. For the record, Moon and Elliott used to sleep in the same room (from his birth) till we moved to our own place. Currently, he crawls around the same living areas that Moon roams. For the record, we take Moon out twice a day for her walks and we clean her paws with wet wipes when we return. I am sure that our floors are not 100% clean (far from it, in fact) but hey, so far, Elliott hasn’t fallen violently ill because of something Moon brought home (touch wood!!!).

I am definitely looking forward to the day where Elliott can run/walk and they can go work off each other’s energy at a big field.

“Enough with the photo-taking, Mother”.


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