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Elliott is ONE!

Oh what a celebration!

Elliott’s actual birthday falls on a weekday and because we did not have a full month celebration, I thought that it’d be nice to throw a small party to celebrate the little man turning one. I decided not to kill myself planning it and decided very early on to enlist the help of Eunice, ex-colleague-turn-good-friend and the event stylist extraordinaire behind the brand, Heaven In A Wild Flower. I simply told her the theme (Carnival) and colours (yellow, blue and grey), as well as what I don’t want (bright garish colours) and left it entirely up to her, including the birthday cake design. My only request? Please have chocolate sea salt tarts (for me) 🙂

She rocked up 3 hours before the event and went about turning the plain (boring) white-walled function room into a Carnival-like atmosphere.


I, on the other hand, was trying to get the birthday boy to nap but failed miserably. The party was to start at 2pm and at 1.30pm, I was barely dressed to receive guests. Pffft. Thankfully, my mum and sister came round to help and I spent 10 minutes going from something the cat pulled in to a decent-looking human  being.


Got to the function room with the birthday boy in tow and to say that Eunice did a great job is an understatement. Just look at it!





Everything was so so gorgeous.

Our friends were wonderful. They all came bearing presents (or two!) and ang pow packets for the birthday boy. Amidst the craziness of trying to say Hi to everyone, I was so very grateful that they took time out of their weekend to come celebrate our little boy turning one.


We – or rather, the wonderful sister – set up a small play area with Elliott’s playmats so that the little ones can run amok. And run amok they did – just check out the mess! She also borrowed (and lugged home!) a couple of child-friendly books, and prepared colouring sheets (themed as well!) and coloured pencils/markers to keep them occupied. She also prepared personalised goodie bags for each child who attended. Most awesome Yiyi EVER!IMG_0644-001

This is the only photo I have of the area and it makes me laugh because it looks like Zac and Elliott are having a stare-off. These two. So darn hilarious together.

I barely took any photos so these pictures you see are either from my phone (I snapped them very quickly) or from friends. I was glad that we had a photographer who stayed quietly in the background and shot pictures of the celebration. Can’t wait to see them.

A girlfriend wisely advised that we should do the cake-cutting thingy early before the birthday boy gets over-tired so at about 3pm, we gathered everyone around to sing the birthday song. As we blew out the lone blue candle on the cake, I hesitated just for a tiny bit to take in the moment because wow, this child of mine, my little boy, the one we never thought we’d ever have in this lifetime, just turned one year old, surrounded by all who love him. Many of these friends who came by know about our long journey to become parents and it was only apt that they were part of the celebrations.


That evening, as we sat opening presents (I opened them, Elliott ripped at the wrapping), I was reminded once again at how much we are loved. Elliott will probably not remember his first birthday celebration but we will or at the very least, I will. I will always remember that one year ago, we celebrated his birth day which made me a mother.


Happy 1st birthday, my sweetie. May you be happy and healthy, always.


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