note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 11

Dear Elliott,

You are ONE MONTH away from turning 1. ONE MONTH!! My little squishy bubu will no longer be a baby but a…toddler. Gulp. I know it all sounds a tad melodramatic but I constantly look at photos of you as a tiny newborn and marvel at how much you have grown. One moment, you were all tiny and cute. Suddenly, you’re much bigger and (still) cute.



People tell me that your brain is like a sponge that absorbs the most before the age of 1. I marvel at how you model your actions after us despite not ‘teaching’ you. Like how you instinctively move the keys to the padlock at Ah Ma’s house when they are taking you to the park, or sticking your index finger out and trying to press the lift button because you observe us doing it all the time.


You have also discovered how to dance. Well ok. The word ‘dance’ is used very loosely here. What you actually do is to wiggle your butt and jerk like an electric shock is passing through your body. It is very very cute to watch and it makes us laugh. Whenever your favourite songs come on, you’d do this ‘dance’ and it inspires us to dance wiggle along with you.

You also love the songs ‘Bow Wow Wow’ which you sing during music class and ‘B-I-N-G-O‘. You’d go ‘wow-wow-wow‘ and try to sing along with us, accompanied with jiggling of butt, of course.

The other day, I was showing you the flashcard of the word ‘owl’ when you suddenly repeated after me “aw-er“. I was stunned and said: “DID YOU JUST SAY OWL, ELLIOTT?” I swear you did but you never did repeat it again.


Your favourite books are “Where Is The Green Sheep?” and “Where’s Elmo?” We read the green sheep book to you almost every evening after your bath and you sit and listen intently. On the last page, you know that you’re supposed to ‘turn the page quietly to find the green sheep’ and would reach out enthusiastically to flip the page. You also enjoy lifting the flaps to ‘find Elmo’. It fills our heart with joy to know that you enjoy ‘reading’ and hope that you’d grow to love reading as much as we do.

Being at Ah Ma and Ah Gong’s house in the week has exposed you to Mandarin which is wonderful. You now understand ‘风扇‘ and would point at the fan. Ah Ma has also taught you the meaning of ‘衣服’ (clothes) where you’d pull your own shirt whenever we ask. I was also most impressed that you know how to ‘放回去’ (put it back) and would diligently keep all your toys into the box. Just the other night, we practised putting back and taking out your pacifier (which you don’t use, for the record) in and out of my pyjamas pocket. Oh and we did it like 50 times but to see you break into a big smile whenever I tell you ‘WELL DONE BUBU!’ warms my heart so.


This was also the month that I tried to night wean you. Well, that worked for a bit until you fell ill with a runny nose and Mummy here has no heart to refuse you your comfort feedings. Now that you are older, trying to clear your nose with the Pigeon nose cleaner makes you scream like a banshee. Our neighbours must think that we torture you on a nightly basis. You yell (very loudly), scream, kick your legs, use your hands to swat at the tube and shake your head violently from left to right. Sometimes, you grab onto the tube and clench your tiny fingers around it so tightly, it takes a lot out of me just to pry it free. Sigh, my dear child. It breaks my heart to hear you in such distress so can you please make it less painful for all of us?

You can now toddle along on your feet with the aid of the learning walker that Daddy bought for you. You look like a drunk little person with an  unsteady gait which makes us giggle. However, you get tired easily and still prefer to crawl because you do it at top-speed. No hurry, my child. Take your time to learn how to walk and I am sure when the time comes, you’d be zooming around with your exhausted parents behind, trying our best to keep up. No wonder all the pro-baby ads are always advocating having babies when you are YOUNG because youth equates to energy, both of which your Daddy and I don’t possess at this stage.


We can’t talk about your development without speaking about eating solids. I have to confess that I have given up trying to get you to eat all that steamed and pureed food that I carefully prepared because all you do is make a face and spit them out. Thankfully, your Ah Ma faithfully prepares fish porridge for you but she also shared that you are not very keen on it. Oh well. Hopefully this solid food journey will get better after you turn one. Maybe something will click in your head and you’d want to EAT FOOD. These days, you only eat this and this. Oh and the occassional fruit like papaya and rock melon.

Your Mummy here also trimmed your hair for the very first time. We see you tugging at your ears and I was starting to wonder if you’ve got a ear infection (#paranoidmother). Turns out that the sides were just getting a little long and tickling your ears. I have zero experience with cutting hair but one’s gotta to what one’s gotta do, right? I thought I did a pretty decent job but Daddy was horrified that it was uneven and begged me to stop. Tsk. Oh well. Hair grows and I’m sure we’d be carting you off for a proper haircut in time for your first birthday and Chinese New Year.


Speaking of birthdays, Mummy here has been busy planning your little birthday party. Ok, I lie. I am not planning it per se. I am outsourcing it to Aunty Eunice (who plans the most beautiful parties, in my opinion) to do it. Yes, I’m leaving it to the experts so that on the day itself, we can soak in the day with our dear friends and family and celebrate you.


Happy 11 month, my sweetie Boo!

Lots of love,
Mummy xoxo


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