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A tale of teh-si gone wrong

I am a tea drinker because coffee gives me heart palpitations. My choice of beverage in the mornings is a hot cup of teh-si. Almost every morning, I get my much-needed cup from the ToastBox outlet.

Last Friday, I made that long trek to ToastBox for my usual drink. I use my own cup because I feel bad tossing aside paper cups with plastic sling on a daily basis. When I got back to the office and was about to take a sip, I noticed that it smelt different.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that within my cup wasn’t my usual teh-si.

It was…kopi-si.

*cue thunderbolts, lightning and dramatic music*

Now. It may seem like a really trivial matter and I’m being a diva but this morning cup of the-si is very important to kickstart my sleep-deprived system. Like I always tell my colleagues, please don’t discuss anything vaguely important with me until I’ve had teh-si.

I was livid.

All I wanted was a cup of teh-si and I repeated my order twice to the really blur aunty who reconfirmed my order. And still, I got the wrong drink.

I knew that somewhere on campus, someone was drinking my teh-si and missing his/her kopi-si.

I had two options:

  1. Suck it up and drink the kopi-si.
  2. Make that long trek back to ToastBox to get it changed.

Long story short, I decided on #2 because I took one tiny sip of the kopi-si and my heart was already racing. I, quite literally, marched back to ToastBox and huffed that my order was mixed up.

The staff knows my order well because really, I’m there almost every single day. Sometimes, twice a day. The usual server knows my order and I wasn’t upset with her. I was just annoyed that despite repeating my order numerous times, the blur aunty STILL GOT MY ORDER WRONG.

The rest of the staff were sweethearts. They kept apologising profusely and I kept saying it’s ok because I knew that it wasn’t their fault. I was just huffy at that blur aunty who, for the record, has gotten orders wrong on other occasions.

I was given my correct order (YEAY! TEH-SI COME TO ME!) and as I was turning to leave, another aunty came running after me holding onto a slice of cake in a takeaway box.

“Here, take this. Don’t be angry anymore”, she said smilingly, pushing the cake into my hands.

“No no, aunty, no need. It’s really ok. I just need my drink.”, I uttered while shaking my head profusely.

There we were, shoving a slice of cake back and forth between us. In the end, I took it because she was adamant and I did not want to create a scene.

As I walked away from the outlet, it struck me that if this nice aunty knows service recovery and to keep regular customers happy, there is really no excuse for other establishments who charge 10% for service charge, then give crap service or zero attempts at service recovery.

A small gesture on their part but I was impressed. And a teeny tiny bit embarrassed for being so angry (it’s only teh-si!). Or perhaps, it was just the caffeine kicking in.



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