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miss ene checks out: Aperia Mall

There’s (another) new mall in town called Aperia Mall. Calling it a mall is a little far fetched because it is essentially an office building with F&B facilities and a smattering of retail shops, e.g. gift shops, hair salon, etc. We headed there because within the building is a vegetarian place called Nature Cafe. My FIL is vegetarian so we are always on the lookout for new places to try.



It is a casual dining eatery and the food was surprisingly good. I had the ‘sweet and sour pork ribs’ which actually had ‘wok hei’! PHWAH! Very impressive, I must say. The other notable dish was rojak. It tasted just like a normal plate of rojak which confused my palate. Ha.


I did not manage to take many photos (no food pictures – gasp!) because I  had a wiggling baby who kept trying to climb out of his child seat so you’d just have to imagine it.

Mid-way through dinner, someone did a (massive) poop and we had to scramble to look for a nursing room. I was sure that we’d have to end up changing diapers at a portable changing table (the plastic type attached to a wall in the toilet) but surprise, surprise. Check out the wonderful nursing room at Aperia!


It was brightly lit, with 4 changing mats, 2 basins and 2 large nursing rooms (green curtains for privacy). I peeked in and noticed that each nursing room also had a power point – very good! I did not notice if hot water was provided but I was very impressed.

Oh and just before we left, I packed 3 boxes of char siew bun from Tim Ho Wan. But of course 🙂

Aperia Mall
8 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339509





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