note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 10

Dear Elliott,

Every morning, I wake and look at your perfect little sleeping face and think: Oh wow, is this my baby? You have grown so so much from a tiny little blob to almost a toddler. You are no longer as chubby and squishy. Instead, you are now “longer” and you no longer look babyish. Strangers have asked if you’re 1 year old and exclaim that you’re “big” for your age. Just the other day, a father of 2 little girls exclaimed loudly: “Oh wow, what a beautiful baby! And so handsome!”

Yes, my child. You are our beautiful baby indeed.

You are beautiful in the way you respond to us by smiling and attempting to talk to everyone in your baby voice. You try and “talk” by saying “ha-o” (hello) and “buh-bye” (bye bye), complete with flapping arm action. Your favourite phrase is saying “waaaaaaaaaaa” (with mouth agape) while looking upwards and it is usually accompanied by a raised right arm. I guess you learnt this from me going “WOW!! LOOK AT THAT, BUBU!” whenever I carried you to look at Christmas decoration during the past month. It reminded me how you are picking up all our actions and speech which means that we had better start to watch what we say and do in front of you!

It also looks like those music lessons are starting to bear fruit. You have started to recognise the songs that we sing repeatedly and would hum along, stopping whenever the song ends. You are getting more confident at hitting the drum in class and it is very cute to watch you try and “sing along” to the familiar tunes during class. I wouldn’t call it singing, really. More like doing “ahhh ahhh ahhh” sounds along to the tunes. You also try and keep time to the tunes by slapping your thigh with your hand. These may be small actions, almost unnoticeable to anyone else but Daddy and Mummy notice it and knowing that you enjoy music brings us great joy.


Since you discovered your ability to crawl, no place is safe. You crawl at top speed across the living room and head straight towards the TV – the #1 favourite thing to smack. You pull yourself into a standing position using the TV console as support and then proceed to “smack” the TV. Repeatedly. I have started to use the dreaded word “No”, repeatedly as well. The living room curtains are a close #2.

Do you listen? Well, kind of. You stop and look at me with wide-eyed innocence, ask  if asking: Why not, Mummy?  It’s fun! Do you stop smacking the TV? No. Do you stop yanking at the curtains? Of course not.


And yes, this is you wearing jammies meant for 18-month-olds because your mother here got sick of you outgrowing your cute PJs ever so often. I’ve decided that henceforth, I will only buy these so-huge-it’s-funny jammies so that we get more mileage out of them. Besides, large jammies are more comfortable for sleeping in eh?

We have read that the best thing to do is to distract you with something else so I guess we’d just have to keep at it. Other than the TV and curtain, your other favourite (#3 on the list) are dangling wires, i.e. the iPhone charger. Oh, how you love them so. Whenever you spot one of ’em wires, off you’d go, crawling at top speed. You’d then proceed to twirl the wire around your little fingers before sticking it into your mouth, to our utter horror. Everything needs to be kept off the floor these days because nothing is safe from your grubby fingers.

You also love “driving”. We can’t walk past any kiddy rides without you clamouring to go on it. I am a little nervous about the germs that you are picking up after you got struck by viral fever so these days, your mother here dutifully wipes down the wheel before allowing you to go on it. We found this gem of a ride in the neighbourhood and it is now almost a routine for us to stop by this old-school provision shop after breakfast on weekend mornings so that you can go on the ride.


Till today, we are not sure what it is. A plane? A ship? A sea plane? An odd shaped car? Not that you care, my little bubu. You are just happy to sit in there and steer the wheel back and forth. Of course, at times, you attempt to chew on the wheel (!!) and that gives me a heart attack (the germs!!!!!!). We tried to insert 20 cents into the ride because your Daddy felt bad that we were always using it but not paying for it but silly you got scared and wanted to get off the ride immediately. Hehe.

So you apparently like to “drive” but sitting in the car seat is a whole different story. I still remember your screams when you were 2-month old and I was driving solo. Those moments are hard to forget – oh my poor heart (and ears!). Such stressful times! In recent weeks, something might have clicked in your little head because you are no longer screeching as much. You are still protesting (by screaming and arching your little body) whenever I try and secure you in your car seat but once we move off, you quieten down and twiddle with your Lamaze toy giraffe. Sometimes, you glance out of the window. Sometimes, you hum along to the songs that we are playing (on repeat mode). Quite often, you end up falling asleep. There was this one time when I turned around to glance at you at the red light and I had to stifle a laugh because you were Mr Grumps.



Other than cardboard boxes, you have extended your love for anything that is not a toy to plastic hangers, the laundry basket and over Christmas, you discovered…wrapping paper and tags! Thankfully, you are no longer as clingy to me and can be quite happy playing on your own for a short while, i.e. 5 minutes. It is lovely to watch you explore your little toes and practise your pincher grip by touching your thumb and index finger together.


Other than your love for chewing on stuff that should not be chewed, you love swimming. No, scratch that. You LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE swimming, or rather, you love being near water. Now that we have easy access to a swimming pool, we have taken you downstairs for a swim whenever we can and my dear child, how you squeal in delight! You arch your little body towards the water and can’t wait to jump in. You kick your little legs and swing your arms around. Your favourite bit? Splashing water with your hands. You chuckle whenever drops of water land on your face and it makes us laugh as well.

Over the New Year break, we took you out along for breakfast at the hawker centre in the neighbourhood. Daddy allowed you to nibble on a piece of traditional toast (without the kaya and butter for now) and you loved it! You kept opening your mouth to ask for more and we were very pleased that you’re a true blue local boy who loves his kaya butter loti.


For the record, and if anyone else is interested, you are still NOT SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Yes, I wrote that in caps. I read of babies who sleep through at 9 weeks old (whaaat?!) or parents who can leave their sleeping babies in their crib (yes, you, ZY) and sneak out for supper and I get a wee bit envious. On good nights, you can do a stretch of 4 hours before crawling towards me for comfort nursing. On bad nights, you wake every hour and I turn into a walking zombie when day breaks.


Since we moved, you have been sleeping in your own cot beside our bed. I am glad for this arrangement as you are still close to me, yet we all have our own space. I love taking in your baby smells and kissing your forehead whenever you are asleep because I am always mindful that you will not remain my tiny baby forever. Sniff.


Happy 10 month, my dearest bubu. *squish*

Lots of love,
Mummy xoxo


One thought on “Note to Elliott – 10

  1. He is indeed a very handsome boy.. Love all these photos of him.. And yes, I am also putting C in bigger clothes cos I am tired of putting them on only to take them off cos I can’t button them up.. But.. They do look cuter bursting out of their itsy bitsy onesies..heh..

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