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miss ene eats: Fat Cow

Once a year, on his birthday, I’d take the boy to a fancy place for a steak dinner. I’m not a huge beef eater and he likes steak so he gets to indulge once a year. Last year, we had a wonderful time at Cut and honestly, it would be hard to top that experience. This year, after getting a couple of recommendations thrown my way, I decided to take him to Fat Cow located at Camden Medical Centre. It’s quite ironic for a steakhouse to be located at a medical centre, no?

Anyway, Fat Cow terms itself as a ‘Japanese inspired steakhouse’. I made reservations a couple of days before hand and specifically mentioned that we were celebrating a birthday.

The boy was held back at work so I was first at the restaurant. We were given a table wedged between a table for 4 on the right and a table for 2 on the left. The positioning of that table was awkward to say the least and I was a little miffed that we weren’t given a better table. To make matters worst, the air-conditioning was blasting right above my head and when asked if it can be turned down/off, the wait staff offered me a shawl. Unfortunately, that thin shawl provided no respite from the chilly draft over my head. AND to top it off, I was starving (and the boy was half an hour late) so I was feeling cold, hungry and pretty darn miserable.

We ordered a couple of items on the menu based on the wait staff’s recommendations. I had the pork:

Slow-cooked iberico pork neck with spicy ‘southern barbarian’ sauce

And the boy had the steak (of course):

Brandt beef ‘True Natural’ Ribeye

We also ordered some sides to share:

Assortment of Japanese mushrooms braised with sake, lime and butter

Rice porridge with egg in a mushroom-beef broth

The verdict? The food was good but was’t out of this world. Also, I guess the environment – awkward table, freezing air-conditioning – contributed to a less than stellar dining experience. They did move us to the table at the side after the couple left but I was left wondering why they did not give us the table for 4 that was empty at the start. It was occupied by 2 gentlemen halfway through our dinner. Hmmmm.

The boy was given a plate of complimentary birthday dessert which was honeycomb ice-cream (this was very yummy) and a couple pieces of Japanese jelly. We were also presented with 2 complimentary glasses of champagne. Not sure if it was service recovery or a standard given for anyone celebrating their birthday.


I am seriously contemplating heading back to Cut again next year for his birthday. You know, make it a tradition or something since we enjoyed the food and service.

Nonetheless, it was nice to have adult conversation and enjoy a nice meal without having a child dangling off our arms for a couple of hours 🙂

Fat Cow
1 Orchard Boulevard #01-01/02
Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649
Tel: 6735 0308

Operating hours here.


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