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Me and ma girls


This may seem like a typical photo of friends but it is not. This photo would not have existed three years ago. Then, the 3 of us were childless and became fast friends over our mutual desire to become mothers. Many tears, heartaches and countless of Whatapp chats later, we now have a precious photo of us and our wriggling offsprings (with one more on the way – no, not me).


I sat at a corner and watched the 5 of them mess up the playroom and felt my eyes mist up. What a scene. WHAT A SCENE indeed. It was a scene unimaginable just mere years ago. And now, those seemingly far fetched dreams have come true.

These 2 girls and all their OMG-WHY-SO-CUTE bubs are so very dear to me. Even though we are now mothers, we remain close friends. Girl friends. And for that, I am ever thankful.

Merry Christmas one and all. Have a most lovely time with your loved ones! And for all who are still waiting, may the magic of Christmas be upon you. Keep the faith. It will happen. One day.



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