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One challenging week

Last week was quite a week indeed.

So on Monday, we moved. Yes, we finally moved out of my parents’ after 2 years. Two long years of not having our own home. Two years of living out of boxes. Our new home was finally ready! Whoop whoop. When we first bought the place, it was just us and Moon. Now, we are moving in as a family of 3+1 dog. To say that it was a chaotic week is putting it mildly.


So the movers came bright and early and moved all the boxes along with a couple of bulky items to our new home. The challenging bit is the unpacking. That’s unpacking stuff that haven’t seen the light of day for 2 years. In the past, unpacking was tiring but not that hard because you can take your time with both your hands to do so. With Elliott, things are’t as straight-forward as before. Check out the state of our living room after the movers left. RAH!


To add to the already chaotic situation, Elliott was struck with viral fever a couple of days before the big move. His temperature reached 39.8 degrees celcius at one point which worried us sick. We saw 2 doctors and both said that there’s no ‘miracle medicine’ except for Paracetemol to make him feel more comfortable. Basically, we just had to ride it out.

Being ill made Elliott extremely fussy and cranky but who could blame him? The poor little guy couldn’t articulate his discomfort except to cry and whine. I guess the new foreign home environment did not help. He became a koala, i.e. he only wanted me and me alone to carry/comfort him. This means that I cannot walk out of his sight for 10 seconds or he’d wail/scream the house down.


The boy left for work one day (to save his annual leave) and I was left alone with a messy disorganised house and a sick and cranky child. I could not do anything except to carry him around the house in the baby carrier (thank God for it). I barely had time and energy to eat, let alone pack the house. It was a miserable day for the both of us and I felt like a horrible mother for losing my patience at my poor child who was ill.

His fever cleared up in about 5 days but roseola rash followed. Despite the horrible red spots, he became more smiley and thankfully, the rashes weren’t itchy or bothering him as much as the fever did. The rash took about 3 days to clear.

I have no idea how he caught the virus but I guess it is inevitable that a child will fall sick at one point or another. I can only keep my fingers tightly crossed that the next bout of illness will not hit us too soon.

In the meantime, we are trying to sort out the boxes and to get used to living as a small family unit again. Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “One challenging week

  1. Congrats on your move and God bless your new home and family unit of just 3+1!!
    I have all the oils for you at home. Sorry didn’t get them to you earlier! =(

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