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Jay Chou gets married. FINALLY.

So Jay Chou is off the market. Or rather, he finally came forth and made it official. I guess it is quite a big deal because Mr Chou has never ever spoken about his alleged relationships previously and suddenly, BANG! This is all over the news.



I’m not sure about you but he being 35 years old and his girlfriend (fiancee?) being 21 years old is a tad…odd. But hey, maybe it’s true love and age is not a barrier to true love. Never mind the glaring fact that he’s a multi-millionaire with fast cars and tons of money to burn (“Want to start a singing career? Come, I produce an album for you”) does not stand in the way of true love because true love is blind 🙂

Oh and he also shared these (rare) photos of them while out cycling.

I don’t know about you but when I’m out cycling, I’m definitely not dressed in a leopard-print jacket with such nicely styled hair, or super tight denim shorts. Then again, I don’t live in Taipei (where it can be cold) nor do I have millions of rabid fans out with camera-ready phones.



I have to also confess that when I saw the second picture, my first question was: Who’s that girl?! New girlfriend ah? It took  me a while to realise that it’s his 21-year-old partner. And I couldn’t help but notice that she has a nose that is exceptionally nicely shaped, eyes that are exceptionally wide and cheekbones that are exceptionally sharp and high. But again, that’s just me. Some people are lucky and are born pretty, yes? 🙂

I also read that most fans are happy for him but some are very upset that he’s off the market. Erm, seriously? What were these fans thinking? That one day, they’d meet and he’d fall crazily in love with them and they’d live happily ever after in one of his many expensive apartments? Or he’d remain celibate and single all his life to “stay true” to his loyal everlasting fans?

People. Seriously. Get with the program.

Anyhoo, congratulations Mr and Mrs Jay Chou. May you make beautiful babies together. Time is on her side so I guess you’d have many years ahead of creating enough babies for a football team. Or two.


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