note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 08

Dear Elliott,

You’re 8 months old today. That’s just 4 months away from hitting the one year mark. I’m starting to sound like a broken record but seriously dude, WHY ARE YOU GROWING UP SO QUICKLY?!  Just the other day, I cleared my phone of all your photos and videos because I was running out of storage space and oh wow, I  have so many photos and videos of you. I’m very thankful that we live in an age of technology where I can capture your growing moments at the press of a button because time is zooming by so quickly, these precious photos and short video clips are all that remain of those fleeting moments.


You have fully mastered the art of crawling. Previously, you used to drag your little body across the playmat to get to me but these days, you crawl towards me with your 4 limbs. You have also learnt how to go from a proning position to a sitting one. You also enjoy pulling yourself into a standing position. The other day, you “showed off” to your Ah Gong and Ah Ma by holding onto the rails and  “walking” wobbily in the baby cot from one end to the other.

Your Por Por is still your primary caregiver on weekdays when your parents are at work and I love it that she shares with us photos of your daily activities, i.e. sleeping, playing, sleeping again, playing. She shared that you much prefer playing with everything else but your toys. Typical, isn’t it? Always hankering after stuff that we can’t get. Ha.

On the eating front, you are now eating better than when we first started out. You enjoy sweet potato and spinach porridge and would voluntarily open your little mouth widely when you enjoy the food and want more. We have also noticed that you take an interest in “adult” food and would move your mouth whenever we eat. So darn cute, if I may say. We have since let you try cream cheese (love), star fruit (ok), bread (love), broccoli (yucks) and even some haddock (love) from your Daddy’s portion of Fish and Chips. Your evil mother here also gave you your first taste of lemon (yucks). That precious moment is captured on video and till today, I rewatch it often because it makes me laugh.


Despite starting on solids, you still enjoy breast milk very much. I guess being so close to Mummy provides you with comfort. We also supplement with formula milk which you take to readily (phew). Many have asked how long I intend to breastfeed you for and honestly, I have no answer. On one hand, I love the bond that we share. On the other, having to express milk when I am work is a (pardon my language) total b**** because there is no nursing room to speak off and I have to be creative in finding ways to express milk. One day at a time, I suppose.

You still love your “shower shower!” time and you give out your loudest chuckles. They are really the best sounds in the world (to me). You have little animal rubber floaties that squirt water and you enjoy chewing on them. I’m not sure what’s it with babies and bath water. Do they really taste that good? You have also learnt how to splash water with your hands and watching the look of amazement on your face is a real delight. Trying to dress you after the shower is a completely different story though. You scream and wail like a banshee. Pfffft.

These days, you are definitely a lot more aware of your surroundings, including Moon. Whenever we ask “Where’s Moon?”, you’d look in her direction and at times, will attempt to crawl towards her. Poor Moon looks slightly afraid of you, to be honest. She’s always moving away whenever she sees you approaching. You love holding onto her leash (and attempts to eat it, of course) and it is really very cute watching the two of you interact.


You seem to enjoy watching older kids play. Just the other day, we were at the playground and some older kids were on the swing. You stared at them for the longest time and at times, even made “err err err” noises, as if wanting to join them. One day, my child. One day, you can also play on the swings and scream with wild abandonment while on the slide.

We haven’t measured you officially but we are pretty sure that you’ve grown taller. Your pyjamas are getting a tad shorter and Daddy had to adjust the Jumperoo to the “second setting” (instead of the first) as your legs were touching the ground flat. Sometimes, I watch you as you sleep and marvel at how “long” you’ve grown. Whatever happened to my little tiny newborn?

Speaking of sleep, I’m still getting the “So, is he sleeping through the night yet?” question. I wish people would stop asking me that because it makes me feel like a bad mother for not “training” you to sleep through the night. And honestly, what exactly is “through the night”? 10pm till 7am? 1am till 5am? On most nights (i.e. when you’re not in teething pain or going through a growth spurt), you do pretty well. You go to bed at about 8.30pm after your second bath and would wake at the magic hour of 1am+. I’m not sure why but magically, you always stir at about 1am. You’d then nurse for a bit before falling back to sleep before waking again at about 5am+ or sometimes, 6am+. Of course, there is no “set” pattern to your waking times and I have gotten used to nursing you sleepily.


But wait. There were times when you woke every hour. Every single hour. Like last Monday. You woke up to nurse so many times that I lost my temper at 5am+ because I was so. damn. exhausted. I am not proud to say that I was frustrated because I had to work the next day and my sleep was horribly broken by your frequent wakings. You repeated the waking-up-every-hour feat the next night and I was so so thoroughly exhausted, I had to seek help from Por Por. My instinct told me that something was definitely not right and it turns out that your 2 upper teeth is coming through. My poor baby. You  must have been in so much pain, yet was unable to articulate it. Your 2 upper teeth has broken through and I cannot believe that you now have 4 teeth. FOUR! Teething is definitely part of growing pains (literally) and every child has to go through it so I hope for strength and oodles of patience to help you through it.


Last Saturday, you also went for your very first trial music class. Aunty Yi Lin wrote a very good entry about the Suzuki method of music here and I was intrigued. I have never heard of the Suzuki method until her entry. I took piano lessons from the age of 4 till about 16. That’s a good 12 years of music education. I am extremely thankful for those music lessons because I am sure it trained my ears to music and rhythm but did I enjoy classes? Not really. I hated practising my scales and memorising pieces. It was soooo painful!

Daddy did not get the opportunity to learn music and I remember him saying that when he has a child, he would want him/her to have the opportunity to be exposed to music. Long story short, you did very well at your first trial class and we have bit the bullet and have signed you up for the Suzuki Pre-Twinklers Program (such a cute name). I hope you grow to appreciate and love music.

My dear dear child. I love it that you laugh so heartily and easily. You are generally a happy smiley child and I pray that you remain so for a long long time.


Happy 8 months, my sweetie. Slow down a tad on the growing up, ok?

Love you loads,
Mummy xoxo


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