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miss ene eats: Le Chasseur

When my colleagues first told me about a place called “Le Char Siew”, I was like: Huh? Sell char siew rice ah? As it turns out, it’s not char siew but chasseur. It apparently means “The Hunter” in French. Why? I’m not sure.


So anyway, my colleagues took me to lunch at La Chasseur one afternoon. It is located in an industrial canteen in the middle of Eunos somewhere. I was pleasantly surprised by the environment and was told that the owner takes great pride in ensuring that diners dine in comfort despite the searing heat.

They are known for cooked-from-scratch claypot rice. Apparently, the claypots are not used more than x number of times so as to maintain quality. The dish was presented to us on a tray (top-right picture) and the server proceeded to mix in the ingredients in front of us. Top marks for presentation at a canteen!


We also ordered a couple of sides to go along.


IMG_0670-001  IMG_0678-001

I thought Otak omelette sounds a tad strange but wow, what a lovely combination! The ngoh hiang also came pretty close to the homemade ones I’m used to. The sambal used for the sambal kangkong was not too spicy which was perfect for my tastebuds.

The chin chow drink and tau suan were also good. On a sweltering hot day, chin chow with ice is super awesome.  I also like that their tau suan had the right amount of sweetness and did not overly “orange”.


Gotta take the boy to come try this place soon!

La Chasseur
Blk 27 Eunos Road 2
Singapore 409387
Opening hours: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm to 9.30pm
Tel: 6337 7677



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