No cold water for birds please.

Since my last update, I am glad to say that major renovations have ended for the new home and we are at the fun (but money-draining) stage – choosing furniture and decorating. This means selecting the sofa, dining table, bed frame, fridge, washing machine, etc. Today, the boy was at the new place to await delivery of the fridge and washing machine. As expected, these deliveries never come at the specified time frame (i.e. 11am to 3pm). Coupled with the heavy rain today, he found himself having to wait around for a bit.

Anyway, while waiting, he sent me this picture and captioned it: Our first visitor.


This was the text conversation that ensured:

Me: Wow, nice! Did you serve it a drink?

The boy: No water here yet.

Me: Alamak. When will the water be up and running then?

The boy: Got running water. Just no iced water.

Me: Ah ok. No need iced water for bird. Cold day. Later kena cough. Or bird flu.

The boy:  Are you trying to be corny?

Me: Bird flu is very serious.

Tee hee hee. I is very funny.



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