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miss ene visits the River Safari

Yes, we did! Visited the River Safari for the very first time, that is. All 3 of us have never been there and coincidentally, the organisation’s Family Day was held there over the weekend so it was a good opportunity for us to check it out. Had plans to visit it once they opened at 9am but of course, having a baby means your plans never go accordingly. Thankfully, Elliott managed to get a quick spot of napping in before we headed out. This is always a good thing because it means a less cranky baby.


Can you spot my mosquito patch? All of us had one, of course. I was expecting the River Safari to be pretty open and unshaded, like the Zoo but to my pleasant surprise, some bits had shelter while some areas were even air-conditioned (woohoo).

River Safari - Oct 2014

With Halloween around the corner, decorations dotted the place which made for nice photo opportunities. From the publicity posters around, they’re having a Safari Boo kids event. Free for kids below 12 years old after 6pm!

I was a little apprehensive about taking Elliott because you know, hot and sweaty outdoor environment and my sweaty baby does not sound like a match made in Heaven but amazingly, the little man was a trouper! He sat quietly in his stroller (hooray!) and observed everything that we showed him.

River Safari - Oct 20141
“Oooh, fish!”

River Safari - Oct 20142
“More fish!” Ok, so he wasn’t too impressed by big fish.

I must say that as expected, the highlight of the visit was viewing the famed pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia at their lovely air-conditioned enclosures.

River Safari - Oct 20143

Before we got to their enclosure, these Red Pandas enthralled the little guy. He couldn’t take his eyes off them! I guess it helped that at one point, one of ’em Red Pandas got off the tree trunk and started to walk in circles along the perimeter of his enclosure.

River Safari - Oct 20144

This made all the visitors (including us) very excited but I couldn’t help but felt a little sad.It must be a tad bored to be pacing like that? Either that, or he was stressed out by the sheer number of people peering at him and snapping a million pictures. Also, there is always that one (or two) idiots who cannot understand that “No flash photogrpahy” sign and continued to use the flash on their cameras.

That’s what Zoos do to me – I’m always in a dilemma. On one hand, I am pleased to have seen them up close, yet on the other, I feel sad for these animals in captive. Pffft.

So anyway, we got to the Panda enclosure and as expected, it was packed with visitors arching their necks to try and catch a glimpse of the pandas. Kai Kai was lounging and snacking on bamboo shoots (of course) and the decided to take a walk to the other side of the enclosure. Elliott, once again, couldn’t take his eyes off it. I guess a black and white target is an easy target to follow?

River Safari - Oct 20145


We don’t have pictures of Jia Jia because honestly, they look similar. Besides, she had her back/butt to us (snoozing?).

It was the end of the first part of the River Safari after the Pandas so we took a break at the bridge that links the 2 areas of the park together. Did you notice that Elliott was dressed in a safari-themed onesie, completed with koala socks? Talk about dressing to theme 😉


At this stage of our visit, the little one was getting sleepy, hence cranky. Out came the baby carrier (or the magic sleepy carrier, as I call it) and in he went. As expected, he fell asleep soon after, missing the entire second half of the park.

Well, ok, not really. Because Elliott did not meet the minimum height requirement (1.06m), we had to forgo the Amazon River Quest boat ride. According to friends who have been on it, we apparently did not miss much?

“Sorry buddy, you’ve got quite a bit of growing to do before you get there!”

Decided to spend $7.50 on a gimmicky container filled with “fruit punch” which was essentially (to me), coloured sugar water. It was sooooo sweet, I had to add quite a bit of water into it for it to be palatable. I cannot imagine the kind of sugar high kids get on when they drink it.

Me, my fast asleep baby koala and that $7.50 bottle of coloured water.

We spent quite a bit of time staring at the family of otters. Not sure if they’re family but they sure looked it as there were 2 little ones, and an adult male and female.

River Safari - Oct 20146

We soon found ourselves back at the entrance of the attraction which signifies the end of the visit. Ah, that only took slightly over an hour? I have to say that between the 3 attractions, I’d be more keen to visit the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari over the River Safari. But that’s just me.


Just as we made our way out, guess who woke up? Impeccable timing, my booboo! Here, he looks like he’s posing for the picture but in reality, he was trying to yank the hat off his head. Tsk.


We can’t wait to take him to the Zoo when he’s a little older. That should be fun. I haven’t been there in a long long while.


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