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The day my phone died

So 2 nights ago, I was chatting with my girlfriends on Whatsapp as usual at about 11pm-ish when I decided that I really should go sleep because Elliott is asleep. I triple-checked that I’ve set my alarm for work, then turned my phone to “flight mode” (tip: conserves battery!) before settling down to sleep.

I have a habit of checking the time on the phone whenever Elliott fusses at night, just to see what time it is and how long he’s been asleep, which was exactly what I tried to do that night. Strangely, the phone stayed unlit. I was a little puzzled because I don’t think it was the batteries. Plugged the charger into the phone and still, nothing happened. I knew something wasn’t right but it was (I think) about 3am and I was too drowsy to fiddle around with a phone.

When I awoke, my worst fears came true: My phone was dead. Like, literally dead. Nothing I did could revive it. It just laid in my hands like a limp piece of metal. I told my mum about its “death” and told her to use Facebook Messenger to contact me throughout the day.

I left for work with my dead phone in my bag, making a mental note to take it in for repair.

It felt strange not to be checking Facebook and Instagram. It felt…weird not to have access to Whatsapp. What were my friends eating for breakfast? Who posted a cute picture of their pet dog/cat? What new skill did their child pick up last night? Is the world ending in 20 days? What article was going viral THIS VERY MOMENT? Who is having a bad morning stuck in traffic? Were my friends sending me messages on Whatsapp? What gossip am I missing? Did Elliott learn how to somersault in my absence?

So many questions, no answers. No thanks to my dead phone. I was cut off from the (virtual) world. My life was in disarray. I can’t think straight. I felt…empty.

There was no phone to check while waiting in line for my usual teh-si. I had to -gasp- actually look around my surroundings and -double gasp- observe people. Oh, I even had to make conversation with a random colleague who was standing in line behind me. A REAL CONVERSATION!

I did not know the time because my phone was my watch. I have ceased wearing a watch since I became a mother. Was it 9am? 9.30am?

Things got a little better when I got to the office and turned on my laptop. Ahhh, connected to the virtual world again. There it is, Facebook. And my  life saver (for that morning) – the Facebook Messenger. Chatted with my mum for a little bit about Elliott but she couldn’t find the “send photo” icon so couldn’t send me a picture of his cute morning face (that I’ve seen many many times but never mind).

After frantic googling, I decided that my best bet was to call the Apple hotline. It was 8.38am. The hotline opens at 9am. Tick tock, tick tock. I sat watching the clock.

9am finally rolled around and I got through without much hassle (THANK GOD). Long story short, all I had to do was to do:

(1) plug dead phone into powerphone via charger

(2) do a hard reset, i.e. hold the power on/off button simultaneously with the home button FOR AT LEAST 10 SECONDS.

Well. I actually did know about this hard reset to revive a dead phone but in my panicky state of mind (MY PHONE DIED!!!! ERMAHGAWD!!!!), I only held it for erm, 5 seconds before horror and fear set in (MY PHONE IS DEAD!!!!!! ARGH!!!!).

Lo and behold, the light of life, i.e. the Apple icon, appeared on the dark screen. MY PHONE IS NOT DEAD! WE ARE ONLINE AGAIN, BABY! Soon, the all-familiar home screen came back on and all my data was intact (note to self: Time to sync the phone).

My life was complete again.

So yes, my phone died. Momentarily. For one morning. Ok, a few hours. But it was enough to  make me realise how reliant we are on technology. And for the record, there was no emergency. There weren’t 25,762 unread messages on Whatsapp. So what if I didn’t know what my friends had for breakfast. It was more important that I had my breakfast.

It was actually a nice break from technology. I think I need to do a technology-free day morning once a week. Just to cleanse the soul and free the mind. Try it. You may enjoy it too 🙂


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