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Ice cream for dogs

I was excited when I discovered ice cream for dogs at the recent Therapy Dogs Singapore Annual Party. Yes, you read it right – Ice cream! For dogs! They’re called Vanilla Beans for K9 and they’re so new that when I spoke to one of the guys manning the booth at the party, they told me that they only started their Facebook page that very day.


According to the menu, these “artisan ice cream for dogs” are made of human grade ingredient, healthy and full of probiotics. These were  of the flavours available for sampling that afternoon:

LTR: Strawberry, Apple, Original yogurt slow churn, Peach with chia seeds.


We decided to try the Peach with chia seeds and I was offered a spoon for a taste (human grade ingredients, remember?) I took a small bit and it tasted just like yogurt. It was pretty yummy! Little wonder that Moon licked it all up in no time at all.


I am looking to ordering some for Moon when they’re up and running proper. I am sure the furry one will appreciate the cold treats during these hazy hot days.


One thought on “Ice cream for dogs

  1. Moon is just gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to cut Benjy’s hair like hers but he hates it when I try new styles on him.. hides under the sofa in shame! Love how she obediently sits at the bottom of your stroller with Baby on top too!!

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