note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 07

Dear Elliott,

This note is 2 days late. Well, better late than never, I guess! I look at the pack of “month stickers” that I use for each month’s photo and realised that we only have 4 more stickers more to go before you hit the 1 year mark. Gulp.

Since the last update, you are now the master at flipping onto your tummy and back again. You do it so quickly, we have to watch you like a hawk for fear of you falling off the bed. And for the record, you have already fallen off the bed under my watch. All I did was to take my eyes off you for 5 seconds and the next, I heard a sickening thud and you were on the floor, face-down. Thankfully, the BFF have already warned me that this happens and that ‘babies are more hardy than they look’. She was right (again). I felt like the worst mother and I am so so sorry I let you fall.

You are also sitting up more steadily these days. You can also sit in the baby high chairs whenever we are out for meals. Well, you don’t last very long in them but sometimes, when you’re very good, you sit in it long enough for us to finish our meals quickly. Your hands are lightning quick at reaching out for things that you’re not supposed to grab, i.e. the porcelain plate, that hot cup of green tea. Thankfully, you are easily distracted. For now.


Now that I have returned to work, we no longer wake up with each other but thankfully, I get little updates throughout the day (yeay to technology!). You nursed with a vengeance that first evening, behaving like an opium addict getting his fix. That same night, you woke up every hour and on my second day back at work, I nearly died from the lack of sleep. I am not sure if it was a coincidence or perhaps you were just anxious that I won’t be by your side when day breaks. It makes me a little heartbroken but I know that you are in the good hands of Por Por. I also find it interesting that you’d be happily playing when being carried by someone else but the moment you see me step through the door, you cry and stretch out your arms towards me. My dear dear boy. I miss you as much as you miss me.

Your road to eating solids is still pretty much work-in-progress. You swallow better now as compared to the early days where most of the pureed food ends up on your chin and around your mouth. Your Por Por also makes porridge and crushed fresh ikan bilis from the market. When mixed with sweet potato, it makes for a yummy meal! You’d usually take a few mouthfuls and I’d know that you enjoy it when you open your mouth repeatedly after each spoonful. Can’t say the same for carrots and spinach though. You don’t like them very much.

We took you for another swim last weekend and this time round, it was a session filled with loud chuckles and big smiles. You do love water, my sweet little man! Your eyes crinkle and you laugh oh so heartily. I guess we’d be going swimming more often then!


These days, unlike your newborn days, you no longer sleep solely on your back. You much prefer to sleep on your sides and sometimes, on your front with your butt perked up in the air.

Earlier last month, you also took your last vaccination booster shot. The good news is, you will not be getting your shots till you turn one year old. I was also very glad that you did not come down with a fever. Phew.

As you have outgrown your crib meant for 0-6 months, you are now co-sleeping with me on the same bed. Well, you have actually taken over Daddy’s space on the bed. I love it that you are so close to me, especially now that I have started work and every moment spent with you is precious. I love to cuddle you close and take in your baby smells which sadly is fast disappearing. Sometimes, I end up just staring at your sleeping face at 2am when I really should be catching up on sleep.


We are now sure that you have a little tooth peeking out from your lower gum. I can feel a sharp edge whenever I run my finger on your gums. This seemingly mundane action makes you giggle. I guess it won’t be long before your first tooth will appear. Exciting times!

Happy 7 months, my love. I miss you every single day that I am away from you so don’t grow up too quickly, ok?

Love you more than all the stars,
Mummy xoxo



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