another happy occassion!

The first birthday

Last year, I was pregnant with Elliott on my birthday. It was a birthday filled with anticipation and hope as we await the arrival of the little one that was going to change our life forever. This year, I celebrated my first birthday as a mother.

As the boy was at work, I decided that I will go get myself a nice 2-hour massage as a birthday treat. Interestingly, he had the same idea as well and also called the spa to try and book me a session. That was pretty funny. Anyhoo, I headed to my favourite Lush Spa located on the grounds of the Singapore Polo Club. It was only my second visit after my first in 2010.


Thankfully, the place and service hasn’t changed and I had an absolutely wonderful massage session with a Filipina therapist named Joyce. She could tell that my body was in bad shape and worked very hard on it. I like deep tissue massages and it was exactly that. I also love that the environment is quiet and tranquil, and importantly, there is no hard selling and the therapist does not try and engage you in conversation. I was in such a blissed-out state post-massage, I was thankful that home was only a short drive away!

That evening, we headed to the nearby mall to have dinner at Swensen’s with a simple celebration because I had a birthday voucher thingy. Did you know that if you head to Swensen’s on your actual birthday (just flash your identity card), you get a Firehouse ice-cream sundae on the house? Also, this series of photos will prove once again how difficult it is to take a proper photo with a (squirming) baby.


The next evening, the boy took me for a nice dinner at Wild Rocket at Mount Emily. We left Elliott at home with his Por Por and it was nice to dress up, wear proper make-up and put on jewellery! The recently-renovated restaurant was small but very lovely. I felt like I was dining at a restaurant in Tokyo. Service was top-notch (attentive without being intrusive) and at the end of the meal, I was surprised with a chocolate lava dessert cake from the restaurant and a whole cake (the Nutella Layered Cake from Podi – very yums!!) from the boy.



He told me that he had to balance the cake precariously while on the bus on the way to dinner. Awwww. That green dessert thingy you see is the Pandan-infused Panna Cotta with Gula Melaka. It was a burst of flavours and really interesting (in a good way). It is always nice to sit down and have a nice leisurely dinner without baby. We took almost 2 hours (!!) and had lovely adult conversation.

When we got home, Elliott was asleep but we decided that he had to get up to cut the cake with the birthday girl. Never mind that he was in his pyjamas. Ha! So yes, we nudged him awake (which wasn’t too difficult, really) and got him to pose for these photos. Did I mention that he loves it when we sing the birthday song? His face will light up and he’d keep smiling.


This picture makes me laugh. My mum (the photographer) managed to capture this priceless shot of Moon sneaking a lick on Elliott’s face. It’s not a perfect family photo but it is a priceless one.



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