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miss ene checks out: Tokyu Hands

When I was heading to Tokyo, I remember my colleague telling me that I die-die MUST check it out. My mum bought a couple of foldable large umbrellas from the outlet at Shibuya and have been raving about them since. Hence, imagine my excitement when I found out that Tokyu Hands was opening up a store in Singapore. Woot woot!


Located at Westgate in Jurong, this local outlet is no where close to the ones in Tokyo, size-wise. But hey, better than nothing, right? This is apparently the first store in Southeast Asia and is located on level 1 at Lobby A. This little fact is important because if you’re trying to manage a stroller and a squirmy baby, you want to park close to Lobby A and use the lift for direct access.


Right at the entrance were these Mr Friendly products. These are the BFF’s favourite so I sent her these pictures to annoy her. Hur hur.

tokyu hands

Thankfully, it wasn’t crowded on a weekday. I am sure it is a different picture on weekends. This little corner made me think of my feline-loving friends. Such a cute kitty wall sticker!



Naturally, the umbrella section is my mum’s favourite. We peeked at the price for the large ones and it was about $90. Wow.



These glue tubs reminded me of the ones we used when we were in primary school. Since these are made of corn starch, they’re probably a safe bet for children?



I also noted that Tokyu Hands sell pretty strange stuff. Like this weird contraption that’s shaped like a butt. I didn’t read the details but based on the pictures, it looks like it’s for firming your butt and calf muscles?


You can also buy in-soles to correct bow legs. Hmmm…ok.





Oh and this intrigued me. Ronaldo (the famous footballer) endorses it and it’s supposed to help you to warm up and cool down before and after exercise. Whaaat? How does it even work?! And it’s $450!

tokyu hands1

Amazingly, we walked out of the shop empty-handed save for a card. It’s quite fun to browse and might be a good place to get quirky gifts for special occasions.


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