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Sponsored post (with giveaway!): Tupperware

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For as long as I can remember, I grew up in a household where Tupperware was the brand to use when it came to storage containers. My mum was and still is a huge fan of the brand. She had Tupperware containers in all shapes, sizes and colours and I remember fondly how she’d always use Tupperware only whenever she had something to store. In fact, she still hoards owns some of the retro-looking ones from the early 80s! I would be happy to take a picture of it but it is buried deep inside the storeroom. Maybe one day, I’d take them out to photograph them.

When you say “Tupperware”, typical words like “aunty” or “old fashioned” would come up. I guess that’s because many aunties swear by the brand and perhaps, in the past, designs and colours weren’t exactly “happening”. I have to admit that I thought the same way too. Not until recently when Jaslin from Tupperware SG contacted me to do a blog review of Tupperware products. Now, I’m a big fan of organising stuff (bordering on OCD behaviour) and when she very generously said that I could choose anything from the September catalogue for this review, I was beyond excited.

I did not realise that Tupperware now carries products for lil’ ones too!



Call me shallow but I love the shade of purple/pink in this set:



Click here to view the September catalogue in detail.

As a nursing mother, staying hydrated is important. I know this for a fact but sadly, I always forget to pack along a water bottle when I’m out with Elliott. I’d then end up feeling really thirsty and have to run around trying to buy myself a drink. I was happy to see that Tupperware has a cute 310 ml water bottle that comes in a pack of 3. As all mothers will know, our diaper bags are usually already packed to the brim so this little bottle is perfect 🙂

Since it comes in a pack of 3, you can leave them in your diaper bag, your office bag (if you’re a working momma) and one as a back-up. Not sure about you but my pregnancy brain has now morphed into mummy brain which means I misplace things all the time. Pffft. The Eco Bottle (the official name) is also available in larger sizes (up to 1 litre) to fit each individual’s needs. I understand from Jaslin that these Eco Bottles are really popular and are often on the verge of being sold out!


I was also excited at these storage containers. (I know, it’s a bit sad getting excited over storage containers….) I love my stuff to be placed in a neat manner. This is why I cannot wait to move into our new home where I can start placing things where they should belong. Currently, loads of our stuff are packed away in boxes and stuff that I use are haphazardly placed into any empty shelves that are available. You have no idea how much that stresses me. So yes, these Modular Mates got me excited. This is the “Starter Set” so if you have never used or bought Tupperware, this 5-piece is a good set to start with!


Tupperware is well-known for keeping things air-tight. There’s nothing worst than discovering that my prized Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies (my current craze and saviour on all baby-will-not-nap days) has gone all soft when I feel like having them a couple of days later. Pfffft. My mum also loves her popcorn and keropok and Tupperware keeps them fresh and crispy. Also, now that Elliott has started on solids, I am using the small Modular Mate (top in picture, below) to store his Brown Rice Cereal from Healthy Times. Look carefully and you can spot my stash of chocolate chip cookies in the orange container .


The orange container is part of the Orange Canister Set which comes in 3 sizes – 1.1L, 1.7L and 2.4L. It also comes in blue, green and purple.


Other than storage containers, Tupperware also carries products for the fridge. When we were living on our own (before Elliott came along), I used to have to throw away loads of vegetables and fruits that have spoilt because I kept them for too long in the fridge.

This VentSmart Rectangular Medium High (4.4L) allows you to store perishables in a clean manner, keeping them fresh for a longer period of time. Look carefully at the cover – these unique venting system helps to regulate the atmosphere inside the container by balancing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide passing in and out of the container, and can be adjusted according to the type of vegetables or fruits stored. It all sounds really high-tech and honestly, as long as it works, I’m happy! I couldn’t help but laugh when I took this picture – don’t we look like we are feeding a bunch of rabbits? Hur hur.


Last but not least, I got the Twinkle Snack Cup (150 ml) for Elliott. I foresee us having to carry snacks along with us when he gets the hang of solids. It has an easy to open tab and as the cap is attached to the cup, there is no worry that the cup (or cap) will be misplaced. It is also hardy to withstand little hands (and chewers). As you can see from the picture, Elliott was having a field day flinging the cup about.



Tupperware SG is giving away S$100 worth of Tupperware products, inclusive of FREE DELIVERY in Singapore. The winner gets to choose any Tupperware product from the October catalogue! To qualify, simply click here for details.


This giveaway is open to all readers residing in Singapore and ends at midnight, 30 September 2014. Winner will be announced in October on this blog and on Instagram so check back then!

Note: miss ene received Tupperware products in return for this sponsored post. All views and opinions expressed are her own.


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