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Elliott’s first Mid-Autumn Festival


We went to check out the Mid-Autum Festival at Gardens by the Bay last weekend. Even thought it was only 6.30pm, ALL the carparks at GBTB was full. Pffft. Thankfully, we managed to find a parking lot at the old Marina South carpark. If you’re old enough to remember the Korean BBQ buffet places at the old Marina South, you’d remember that huge carpark behind it. I was surprised that the car park still existed!

It was Elliott’s very first Mid-Autumn Festival and although he’s way too young for a lantern (battery-operated or otherwise), I thought that he’d appreciate looking at the brightly-coloured lanterns on display. As it was an outdoor event, we took Moon along with us too.


We walked past the Children’s Garden and decided to check it out. There were LOADS of screaming children running amok at the Water Play area and the little man was enthralled!


He didn’t take his eyes off the water jets and simply kept staring transfixed. I literally stood beside him (Moon and the boy had to wait outside as dogs are not allowed) and watched him. There’s a Toddler Play Zone for 1 to 5 year olds too. Can’t wait to take him back here when he’s older!

The entire place started to fill up really quickly and when darkness fell, it became almost impossible to actually admire the displays. At the popular areas, we literally just shuffled along, lost in the human throng. Poor Moon was also getting lost amongst the sea of human legs. Elliott fell asleep at one point but it was too noisy and chaotic and he was awake before long.


These were the only photos I managed. There’s something I don’t get – why do people bother to take photos of themselves with their mobile phones while standing in front of the lanterns? Their faces show up black and if you use a flash, the face is lit but the background is dark. Essentially, you end up with a bunch of really crap and bad photos. I don’t get it.

When we left at about 8ish, we noticed that the roads leading to the car parks were jam packed and traffic was at a standstill. I was quite glad to be leaving then because the 2 adults were covered in sweat and it was time for a much-needed dinner.

Next year, Elliott will just tot his own battery-operated lantern (complete with loud techno jarring tunes) and walk around our new neighbourhood. That should be less manic.


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