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Mr Do-It-All

I wrote this status on Facebook earlier today:

It’s barely 2pm and the husband has:
(1) entertained the little man for 2 hours so that I can catch up on sleep;
(2) fed him;
(3) taken the little man and dog to the park;
(4) washed the car;
(5) bathed the dog.


It has amassed more than 90 likes and a flurry of comments from friends asking for a “husband boot camp” so that they can send their hubbies for “training” too.

It made me chuckle. I rarely update my status on Facebook (does anyone care what you are thinking all the time?!) but today, I did so because I was feeling blessed and thankful.

Thankful for a husband that is hands-on with raising our little man.
Thankful for him knowing when to swoop in whenever I am exhausted and just need some sleep to function properly.

That was not all.

I casually mentioned that we should take Elliott swimming and despite all the chores that he completed earlier in the day, he asked in the evening if we were still going swimming. I suspected that he would have preferred to lie in bed to rest up for the work week ahead but instead, he gathered the troops (me, son, dog) and carted us off for a swim.

Ok, so it was more like a quick dip in the pool for the son but still, that quick dip warranted 2 bags and his (foldable) bathtub. Long story there so just take it from me that it was one small dip for little man but a lot of packing by Mummy.

Post-swim, the adults had to be fed so he drove us all to pick up dinner before driving us home again. He then gobbled his dinner in record time so that he can care for Elliott while I have my dinner.

So yes. I am thankful (and pretty darn amazed!) that he did all that. Of course, he is not perfect. We are not perfect. We get annoyed with each other at times as with all couples do but in the bigger scheme of things, this man is a keeper because he places our happiness and comfort before himself and for that, I will always be thankful and grateful.


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