note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 06

Dear Elliott,

If I thought that my previous note to you was long, I suspect this note (and the upcoming ones) will be even longer. I am also starting to sound like a broken record by constantly saying that you’re growing soooo fast but you know what? That is the truth. You ARE growing up so darn fast, I am having a hard time keeping up! The other day, I sent a picture of you in your high chair to your Daddy and his reply was: I swear he is bigger again.

Today, you are 6 months old. You are just 6 months away from turning a year old. How did my little itty bitty teeny tiny baby become 6 months old so quickly?! I find myself looking at your photos when you were mere days old. From our early days of complete mayhem, we have come rather far. Let us count the ways.

Flipping and turning

You have discovered the ability to flip “like a prata”. You are now able to turn onto your tummy, and flip onto your back on your own. I love watching you when you do that because your eyes say WOAH! DID I JUST DO THAT? I was a little concerned when you were not able to flip on your own a few weeks back but hey, like your wise Daddy said, you will do it when the time comes. And he was right.

Sitting upright

You are still a little wobbly when you sit up and sometimes, you fall over onto your face (which makes me laugh. Am I a bad mother? Ok, don’t answer that). You can sit in a high chair on your own which is very helpful when we need some time just to wolf down our food. Unfortunately, you don’t like to stay very long in it and would express your displeasure by shouting very loudly.



You seem to have discovered your voice and you make very good use of it, especially when it comes to telling us what you DON’T like. You like “chatting” with strangers which delight them. You prefer ladies over gentlemen and this includes your own grandparents. You prefer your Ah Ma and Por Por to carry you and when your Ah Gong or Gong Gong does so, you scream very very loudly. Sheesh. You also have a knack for chatting with random strangers. Just the other day, you were busy chatting with the uncle selling mooncakes, as well as the customers at a shoe shop. Some mornings, I am awaken by you chatting to yourself in your helium voice. It’s really cute to watch and I’d stay really still just to enjoy the moment.

Did I mention that you hate being in the car seat? And I do mean HATE in capital letters, bold and underlined. Obviously, I was (very) wrong in thinking that you liked it. You put up with it for AT MOST 10 minutes before you start to squirm and cry. I have sung “Old McDonald Have A Farm” at the top of voice very animatedly just to keep you calm (“Old McDonald HAD A FARM, EE EI EE EI EO OK BOO BOO DON’T CRY! MUMMY IS HERE!”) and that probably buys me another 3 minutes or so before you go into a total meltdown (i.e. loud crying, big fat tears). Nothing will calm you down so I usually just give up and just concentrate on getting to our destination safely. I do hope you grow out of this soon. My heart breaks to hear you cry so hard.


New experiences

Hitting the 6 month mark also kicked started your journey onto solids. How very exciting! We started you on sweet potato puree and you seemed to like it. You have also tried brown rice cereal with spinach and when I was a little too slow in spooning it into your mouth, you showed your displeasure but yelling a little too loudly and grabbing onto the spoon. Oh and I think you’re not a fan of carrots. Hmm. I’m still not sure if you’re enjoying solids but we shall see.


You also had your very first “real” swim at the swimming pool! You seemed to really enjoy it when we took you to the babyspa previously but this time round, you didn’t quite like it. I am guessing that you did not enjoy the cold water too much. Never mind. We shall get you proper swim gear soon and you can try swimming again, ok buddy?


We have also started to introduce Moon to you and watching the two of you together just kills me. TOO MUCH CUTENESS! I have a little video of you where you first stroked Moon and the experience thrilled you so much, you giggled and squealed. Moon has been a total sweetheart, allowing you to prod at her nose, pull at her fur and yank her ears. You’d have to be more gentle, my little one. It looks like Moon has also accepted you as part of our little pack family. I don’t think you’d remember this but she secretly licked your face the other day. I was a little horrified, to be honest (“OH NO! MOON JUST LICKED ELLIOTT ON THE MOUTH!!!!”, I might have squealed to your Daddy). Oh well. Saliva never did kill anyone. But ok, we did quickly clean your face ten times.


Sticking everything into your mouth

I guess this is a stage that every baby goes through huh? You’ve been sticking your fingers and pretty much everything that you can get your hands on into your mouth. This includes the fingers of strangers. I try not to flinch too much when you do that because I don’t want to come across as a paranoid mother but my dear son, you really shouldn’t be trying to eat the finger of random strangers. We don’t know where their fingers have been!


Your current favourite toy is Sophie the Giraffe. Actually, scratch that. Your current favourite toys are anything that you can chew on. This include Sophie the Giraffe, your coloured rings, your (chilled) broccoli teether and your (chilled) Moo Moo Soother. You also quite enjoy chewing on my necklace. When I looked a little closer, I was a pleasantly surprised to spot a tiny white dot on your lower gum. Is that a little tooth peeking through?! Is that why you’ve been Mr Cranky Pants in recent weeks?


You have also outgrown your crib which means that we’d have to look for alternative bedding soon. You love sleeping with your arms wide open and would make cute little grunting noises. You are still waking up a couple of times in the night to nurse. I know that people are saying that you should be sleeping through the night already at the grand old age of 6 months old but you know what? It’s ok. I will be happy to nurse you in the dead of the night if it gives you comfort and soothes you because you won’t be my little sweetie boo for too long.

We have less than a month before I head back to work. On some rare days, I wish that I was back at work because you were so so challenging to manage. On those days, nothing pleases you and you spend most of the day crying and/or screaming.

However, on most days, I love it that we get to laze around in bed where you’re at your happiest and most smiley. You also reserve your biggest smiles for me. Your grandparents call you “beh leh koh” (malt candy) because you love sticking to me 🙂 You giggle when I hide and pop out again with a cheery “PEEKABOO!” and whenever Daddy asks “Where’s Mummy?”, you look around the room for me.

I know that your attachment to me won’t last forever. One day, it’d be uncool to be seen hanging out with Mummy. One day, you’d prefer the company of your friends over that of your parents. One day, Daddy will be more cool because he can do “boy things” with you.

But hey, that’s ok too. Until that day comes, I shall bask in your adoration and enjoy being the wooden stick to your sticky malt candy.


Happy 6 months, my dear ah boo boo. I am thankful for you everyday. Yes, even on days when you’re Mr Cranky I-Refuse-To-Sleep Pants.

Love you always,
Mummy xoxo






3 thoughts on “Note to Elliott – 06

  1. thank you for sharing your lovely letter to E! regarding the car seat, my colleague put up a window shade next to his daughter’s car seat to block out the view. it turns out she was somewhat frightened by the zooming images outside so this helped a lot to cut down her protests. his kiddo is older though, so i don’t know if this would help for E.

    1. Hi pL! Thanks for the tip. I actually did have shades for the car but it didn’t work. In fact, he gets distracted (and stop screaming momentarily) when he looks out of the window. I just hope he outgrows this screaming phase soon.

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