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How to appease a chewing monster

Elliott is turning 6 months old and in recent weeks, he has been putting everything into his mouth. And I do mean EVERYTHING. As long as it he gets it in his hands, into his mouth it goes. I thought that a breastfeeding, baby-safe necklace would be a great thing to have. For one, a (tired) mother can attempt to look good and on the other, baby can chew on it. Best of both worlds, I say. I also notice that his hands like to fiddle with random bits when he’s nursing, i.e. trying to flip open the nursing cover (!). Having something to distract him would be good.

I have seen a couple of neon-coloured breastfeeding necklaces online but did not actively look for one. However, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon them at a recent baby fair. I already own one from Etsy but am always on the lookout for more. Check out the gorgeous colours! (photo credit to Amber J Necklaces).



According to their website:

Chewable Breastfeeding Necklaces are ‘jewelry’ worn by a mother (or caretaker) of your baby. The necklace is BPA free, non-toxic and allows your baby to effectively feed without pulling your hair, scratching or patting you. The beads are a focal point for your baby to explore and play with and can be used outside of feeding, such as when you are dining, on a flight or during nappy change. They are a great distraction and will keep your baby endlessly entertained, especially when they are teething and like to chew on everything! ***They are also great for bottle feeding as well!*** All necklaces are certified with International of Certificate of Conformity to Toy Safety Standards and/or European, Australian, New Zealand Toy Safety Standard.

I picked up the neon pink one called Carnival and wore it right there. Not surprisingly, Elliott took to it immediately and stuck it in his mouth. I have since worn it whenever I’m out with him and it provides him with something to work on when I carry him. Here’s us at brunch over the weekend:


Sometimes, he prefers the necklace to his stroller toys. Pffft. This is him chewing on my necklace when I was out with some girlfriends and their bubs. It kept him suitably entertained for quite a while and when I got the necklace back, it was covered in his drool. Nice.



Now, here’s the interesting bit.

I sent the above picture to Amber J Necklaces to let them know that we are enjoying the product and in reply, they are kindly offering a 10% off on all items on their website to my readers. Woohoo! All you need to do is to enter “MISSENE” when you get to the product page where there’s an option to “Claim Coupon Code” (in an orange box). Click here to start shopping 🙂

Happy shopping and let me know if your little one enjoys the necklace as much as Elliott does!


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