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When Liz met Elliott

A few weeks back, it suddenly occurred to me that I’d be heading back to work very very soon. I then told myself that I’d take the opportunity to do stuff that one can’t usually do on a working weekday, i.e. go shopping, hang out at cafes, etc. It is also a good time to catch up with my fellow friends who have become mothers. I just glanced at my calendar and realised that as at August 2014, I know 7 other girlfriends who popped a baby this year. Oh wow. Imagine that.

Liz was born 2 days before Elliott and it is always cute to watch the 2 of them together. Her mum and I (let’s call her C) were ex-colleagues-turned-friends. She has left the organisation but we kept in touch. It was all very exciting when we both found out that we were pregnant at around the same time.

Last week, we met up for lunch at Grub as she was craving for churros. Here’s C with Elliott:


It is so adorable to see 2 babies interact with each other. Liz was extremely friendly and kept trying to touch Elliott. As clearly seen in this pictures, the little man was playing hard to get. Tsk tsk.



Eventually, they bonded over their mutual love for…book chewing.


Thankfully, they kept themselves entertained in the high chair long enough for the 2 mothers to eat their lunch very quickly.

We both ordered the Fish Burger which is supposed to be a chef’s recommendation. It wasn’t my first visit to Grub but sadly, I felt that the standard of food and service leaves quite a bit to be desired. Let’s count the ways:

  1. It was drizzling. So there I was, trying to make my way to the cafe and was obviously struggling with the stroller (with Elliott in it) and a large diaper bag. The male servers were standing by the cafe’s glass door and staring into space. I love how invisible I become whenever I am out with baby.
  2. When I finally made my way in, the servers weren’t sure where to place 2 adults and 2 babies. The entire cafe (indoors) was empty save for a table of 2 ladies. So I continued to stand outside the glass door, balancing everything. Very glad that Elliott wasn’t fussing at this point.
  3. C noticed that the aircon was blasting at the top of our heads (and remember, it was raining so temperatures were rather low). She waved to the same male server (who seemed really good at looking busy but really wasn’t doing anything at all) who ACKNOWLEDGED HER by nodding his head and then walked out of the glass door and stood outside to continue staring into space. Perhaps we are mistaken – he’s probably not employed as a server and was there as a erm, fly watcher. Finally, we waved down another female server (remember – the cafe was NOT crowded) who then spent a good minute or two fumbling with the aircon control. Eventually, C had to tell her to just turn it off since the weather was cool and we were 1 of 2 tables occupied.

I know that the F&B industry is facing a severe labour crunch due to new government measures that restrict the employment of foreign workers. I guess this explains why they’re stuck with locals who are half-hearted at their job and behave like the customers are intruding into their “free time”. I don’t have solutions but if foreign workers work harder and expect less pay, I then say: Bring them back!


Now, the food. I was surprised that my burger top bun was over-grilled so it was crispy and slightly burnt at the edges. Because of this, I did not enjoy my fish burger very much. Thankfully, the churros still delighted and I was happy to end the meal on a good note.


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