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miss ene eats: Ichiran ramen by the packet

Last month, the boy was in Tokyo and I told him that he had to go check out Ichiran ramen after seeing Lady J rave about it. Check out his entry here. Being the lovely husband that he is, he brought back a pack of it for me to try.


The box seemed pretty weighty so I was pretty excited. Check out the contents.


There are 6 packets of noodles with 3 packets of sauce. According to their website, this is to allow you to have noodle refill or an extra large bowl of noodles. Strangely enough, the instructions were all in Japanese. Alamak.


Then again, it was pretty easy to guess from the pictures so I just went ahead accordingly.


I had no idea how long to cook them for so once the noodles looked kinda cooked, I removed them and poured them into a ramen bowl. The boy won a set of ramen crockery from Ippudo Ramen in a contest a while ago and it was the first time I am using them. Check out the spoon specially for ramen!


The verdict: It tasted pretty plain. More like soup with soya sauce! Ha. Probably also because it was plain noodles and soup without the important char siew or egg. We still have 4 packets of noodles left so shall try it again next time.


2 thoughts on “miss ene eats: Ichiran ramen by the packet

    1. Hehe, that’s so random! I just “anyhow” followed the picture instructions. Trick is NOT to use too much water like I did. Hope yours turn out right!

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