That elusive nap

This mothering business is kicking my ass. Hard.

I never had any illusions of being a perfect mother but today was one of
those days where I felt exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. It was one of those days where I felt…defeated.

Elliott usually goes down for his afternoon nap after his bath at 11. Today was one of those days where I did everything and he simply fought his way out of napping. Well, it would be ok if he doesn’t want to nap because I am not too concerned but he simply wouldn’t stop crying and/or fussing. I gave him some gripe water as it would usually help soothe his gassy tummy (usually the cause of his inability to fall asleep) and that did not work too.

Nursed him, cry.
Carry him, cry.
Rock him, cry.
Put him in the sarong, cry.
Baby wear him, cry.
Passed him to my mum, cry.

In desperation (and frustration), I plonked him into the baby carrier and marched to the neighbourhood park. It was obvious that he was exhausted with his half-closed eyes but for some cosmic reason or other, he simply refused to nap.

The walk seemed to calm him down and he was getting sleepy. I sat on the swing and the lulling motion must have helped because soon, his eyes shut.

The perfect ending to my story, yes?

Well, no.

The sky suddenly decided that it was time for a random rain shower. I jumped up from the swing and started sprinting home because fat rain drops were pelting down. Yes, I sprinted home with my baby in the carrier strapped onto me.

Of course Elliott woke up. In fact, he found it hilarious and was giggling. So there I was, standing in front of the blasting fan with a sweat-soaked t-shirt, with a giggling baby strapped onto me.

Thankfully, after that episode, the baby decided that it was (FINALLY) time to nap. Either that or he just passed out, out of sheer exhaustion.

I glanced at the clock and it was 3.01pm. It took me almost 3 hours to settle my child.

Oh and for the record, he napped for a grand total of…30 minutes.

According to the Wonder Week book, he is at the start of Leap 5. Signs include baby doing the following:

• Cries more, more often or longer;
• Asks for more attention;
• Sleeps less or worse and eats less;
• Has mood-swings;
• Is not pleased with many things.

That sure sounds like my child. Also, I have discovered a little white spot on his lower gum. Is my little man teething? Already?! If his fussiness is a sign of things to come, I am bracing myself for the onslaught.


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